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tribute picture from woman?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #162980 [Ignore] 21,May,12 14:59
Has any of you men received one of these? I'd sure like one

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By mikex1190 [Ignore] 07,Apr,21 23:55 other posts 
i would love to get some

By #143536 23,May,12 09:26
I've never received one. Boy, would THAT be something!

By gravy69 [Ignore] 22,May,12 21:30 other posts 
ive only gotten like 2 they were sexy as hell too
wish i could get more

By Matt52 [Ignore] 22,May,12 03:10 other posts 
From Matt's Wife: I'll send you one.......wait by your computer and be very patient

By #88520 21,May,12 15:20
Only a couple, but they were great

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