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Started by #133457 [Ignore] at 25,Feb,12 09:18
I like to suck dick just like any other cocksucker, cut or uncut it doesn't matter just so as long as they are clean and not nasty & dirty. But, I don't like to have anyone cum in my mouth but I do enjoy having their cum on my face and lips. Yet I love to unload my cum into a mouth and let the guy choose to either spit or swallow. Is there anyone else out there that is like that?? Likes to suck dick but not have them cum in their mouth??

If you do not suck dick, please do not answer with stupid, idiotic, retarded, mindless & pathetic responses, ok ??

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By countrynaturist [Ignore] at 12,Dec,18 11:36 other posts 
I love the taste of cum and having a guy shoot his load in my mouth. I also love to get messy when a guy shoots cum on me. The best is just after my boyfriend shoots his load in my mouth, we deep kiss and share his cum with him.

By allin4oral [Ignore] at 19,Oct,18 10:37 other posts 
i prefer the cock i am sucking to cum in my mouth. with that said, he can cum wherever he prefers. If he wants to cum on my body somewhere or on my face / lips, that would work for me.
So far, the guys I have blown preferred to cum in my mouth.

By knewbi [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 18:20 other posts 
I love having a guy cum in my mouth. will swallow unless he like me doing something else. best part is looking him in the eyes as he unloads in my mouth. i like giving a smile and maybe a wink...

By Passivo [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 03:46 other posts 
I love swallow. love the taste...

By Joe93930 [Ignore] at 11,Oct,18 03:18 other posts 
I prefer to have a guy cum on my face I usually only let guys cum in my mouth when I'm too caught up in the bj and don't stop sucking

By Scottbill69 [Ignore] at 10,Oct,18 17:07 other posts 
I prefer my bf you shoot on my face , but every time at least some get in my mouth and I love the taste . I don't mind him filling my mouth , but I love a close up view of the spunk squirting

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 10,Oct,18 13:33 other posts 
I am a lover of mens penises and their sperm and swallow every drop and want more

By JustWill [Ignore] at 10,Oct,18 12:59 other posts 
If you DO suck dick, does that mean your responses can be as "stupid, idiotic, retarded, mindless & pathetic" as you wish?
Geez, member who was deleted way back in 2012, take a frickin' chill pill...

By #569279 at 10,Oct,18 12:19
Nope I have to swallow every drop of that sperm it tastes so good it's the only way to go swallow every drop of that load

By #530642 at 08,Mar,17 13:59
I always swallow. I love to grab the guys ass and pull him deep into my throat as he,cumming. I feel it is my duty to swallow every drop and continue to suck and lick him clean so that he can pull his pants up and continue on with his day without making a mess on him.
I am an obedient servant/cocksucker and love it!

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] at 08,Mar,17 12:50 other posts 
I like to suck dick, but I don't like cum in my mouth.

By ErnieRoss [Ignore] at 06,Mar,17 11:49 other posts 
I love the taste but don't swallow. I like to use the sperm to jerk off with. Perfect lubrication. Also love to have the guy shoot all over my cock and balls. Would like to use his come on my sounding rod so I could feel his come inside my cock.

By 67malibu [Ignore] at 01,Sep,14 20:25 other posts 
It excites me for a man to cum in mymmouth, like to swallow to.

By #461154 at 24,Jul,14 18:45
My fantasy is to have a guy cum on my face but in reality I always take it in my throat . I get cought up in the moment and always swallow in vacuum mode. Precum is my favorite flavor even better than synonym .
By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 26,Jul,14 03:38 other posts 
But isn't "synonym" a great flavor also? I think way better than antonym, and almost as good as homonym.

By #332336 at 23,Jul,14 09:22
I love the taste of cum but also love to feel the dick pulsating and twitching as my guy shoots it down my throat. So sometimes I take it deep when he shoots, other times I pull it out and let him spray across my tongue. Just depends on my mood and how aggressive he is. My wife loves to watch me suck cock but she likes to pull him out and stroke him off so he shoots on my face. She gets a thrill aiming it.

By #462854 at 01,Jun,14 07:32
I agree with a couple others here, I like the feel of the dick pumping a load in my mouth during an orgasm.
Whether or not I swallow totally depends on my mood. Although there are those times when I have no choice because he thrusts deep with a spasm when he shoots.
I don't particularly like the taste, but I have noticed if the guy eats a couple bags of gummi bears a couple hours before the BJ, it makes it taste really sweet... almost like candy.

By #201367 at 30,Jan,13 20:49
I love swallowing sperm straight from the dick. It's very arousing knowing that you brought about the orgasm and are rewarded with some delicious hot cum.
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 12,Apr,13 12:27 other posts 
Mine, too. The load of sperm is a thank you gift for giving the man a satisfying blow job. I always graciously accept that gift by swallowing it.
By #238225 at 23,May,14 01:01
By #238225 at 29,May,14 00:34
me too
By #238225 at 29,May,14 00:35
oh yes mmmmmm

By kneelsoften [Ignore] at 27,Feb,12 08:59 other posts 
For me a mouthful of cum is the supreme reward for a cocksucker and swallowing is an act of sublime submission.
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 12,Apr,13 12:23 other posts 
". . . swallowing is an act of sublime submission." An interesting point, but I do not agree with it. I'm a cocksucker myself and I've never considered myself to be submissive when I suck a guy off and swallow. Mostly, I think it's because I just don't think in those terms, though, of course, some people do. To me, sex is the joyous union of two (or more) people in which all parties willingly engage for their mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

However, if one were to think in terms of dominance and submission, one could easily make the argument that the cocksucker was in control. Think about this, the suckee has placed his prized cock into a mouth with sharp teeth that could inflict a nasty wound. He is trusting the cocksucker not to do this to him. The cocksucker controls the level of the stimulation he is giving to the suckee. He controls when the suckee will reach his climax and even IF the suckee will climax.
By #25948 at 12,Apr,13 13:00
Yes that the way it is great for the sucker but even better for the swallower
By #238225 at 23,May,14 01:00
By #238225 at 29,May,14 00:35
i agree

By #264896 at 12,Apr,13 12:58
I have similar feelings ... only I get a lot of gratification feeling a cock twitch and spurt in my mouth. There is something totally erotic about getting a guy to orgasm and feeling his dick throb each jet of cum. After he's done emptying his balls, I sometimes very discreetly spit it out or (depending on how much there is) I will swallow it. Feeling it shoot is the rush ... dealing with the ejaculate is optional for me. It also depends on how horny I am, and whether I've already cum when I get a mouthful. It's ALL good.
By #436014 at 27,Oct,13 18:55
i like the twitch and spurt feeling too, last time i sucked i put by fingers at the base of the underside, the spongy part that encases the urethra, and felt each contraction followed a split second later by a squirt in the mouth. it was hot

didnt swallow though

By #436014 at 27,Oct,13 18:52
i used not to like to get cum in my mouth so i'd finish the cock off by hand, but then i realized that i prefer being sucked off all the way (don't care if the sucker swallows), it just feels better rubbing against the soft warm and wet inside of a mouth than against hands (i wonder why? ;-) so that's how i finish guys off now, but still not a swallower (yet). also, if you jerk off the cock to finish, it changes things up whereas the cock prefers to stay in the same rhythm, it's just how cocks were built

By #358284 at 12,Apr,13 09:08
I'm 49 & in all the years since I began sucking men's dick in 1970, I have never spit. One of the main reasons I am a 100% Pure Cocksucker is because of my need to feed on man seed!!

By #147052 at 29,Jan,13 10:33
Well, where should you put it when he cums? I swallow every drop....anything else is a waste.

By bikev [Ignore] at 29,Jul,12 02:31 other posts 
I always swallow when a man comes in my mouth. The only time I have had to spit was when there was so much I couldn't swallow fast enough.

By Giftedguy [Ignore] at 26,Jul,12 19:01 other posts 
well i'm learning all the time.
I now know i didn't need to spit out all that lovely cum.
Next cock i suck i'm chugging down.

By #238807 at 09,Mar,12 14:52
I haven't sucked a lot of cock, 8 guys in the last twelve years. The first two guys didn't cum in my mouth, I jerked them off to completion. The third guy suprised me, because when he said "I'm going to cum" I found myself eager to recieve it, taking his cock faster and deeper into my mouth. When he came, feeling his cock throb out a load was HOT HOT HOT! But I let his cum run out between my lips, not wanting to swallow it, not sure why. Really, I found it kinda tasteless. The next guy to cum in my mouth excited me in the same way, and again, I found myself eager to have him cum in my mouth, and really enjoyed it. But again, I let it run out, and didn't swallow.

The only other time I've had cum in my mouth was a recent experience, the only time I've played with an uncut dick. He and I were doing 69, and when I could tell he was going to cum, I wanted to watch. So I jerked him off to completion. After he was through, his dick was covered in cum, and I had an urge to put his cum covered dick in my mouth. I did so, gave it a couple of sucking strokes, and swallowed. Talk about hard core! Seeing him shoot his load inches from my face, then putting it in my mouth, was an extreme turn-on.

I imagine I'll get around to swallowing while a guy spurts sooner or later. I think it will probably be the same kinda deal, finding myself suprised at wanting to do it.

One thing is for damned sure....I wish I woulda discovered how much I enjoy sucking cock before I was in my forties. Hell of a note that I missed out on a good twenty years of cocksucking, eh?

By #58978 at 03,Mar,12 03:31
man i just swallowed for first time last night and it was awesome !!!!
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 03,Mar,12 12:58 other posts 
Welcome to the club! If you took a man to climax and swallowed you're now a full-fledged cocksucker and you get your cocksucking merit badge.

I see on you page that you list yourself as straight. That's cool. You can be straight and still be a cocksucker. A lot of straight men like to suck.

By bigone21 [Ignore] at 27,Feb,12 11:58 other posts 
Not much safe-sex going on in these reactions above...

Is this no consideration to you guys? Or, did the rules on safe-sex change and is eating cum nowadays without any risk?

Or am I just oldfashioned wanting to remain HIV-negative?
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 27,Feb,12 12:15 other posts 
Actually, oral sex, including swallowing, is rather safe. The risk of contracting HIV thru oral sex including swallowing sperm is somewhere between negligibly small and non-existant as long as two simple precautions are observed. Don't do it if you have an open sore on your lips or in your mouth and don't do it within one hour after brushing or flossing your teeth.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 27,Feb,12 13:13 other posts 
where did you get that information?

note: i think i am very well informed. but tranfer of HIV being non-existant if there are no wounds in the mouth is new to me!
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 27,Feb,12 14:57 other posts 
I've read that numerous times in articles on the spread of HIV.

One also has to look no further than gay porn. The actors doing gay porn routinely suck each others' dicks and swallow each others' sperm, but for anal sex they wear condoms. Or at least they do in porn produced by reputable producers. Yes, there is bareback porn out there, but reputable producers do not produce it.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 27,Feb,12 15:45 other posts 
thanks for answering my question!

the behaviour of porn-actors is in no way leading to what i thinks is responsible... reputable producers or not!

i think i stick to my rule for 28 years now: fucking only with condom, sucking without "inhaling" haha!! no sperm in ass or mouth!

that makes me feel secure, kept me negative after all these years and hundreds of guys. i don't like having to be safe, but it's in my system anyway!

and for bareback... i watch the porn!! haha!!
By #13219 at 28,Feb,12 23:13
Sucked and swallowed for years and have not had an STD
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 01,Mar,12 13:44 other posts 
same kind of reasoning as: my granddad smoked all his life an reached 90 years... just enormous luck!
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 29,Feb,12 12:42 other posts 
Since posting my comment above two days ago, a gay magazine arrived in my mailbox and in it was a health and sex advice column written by a medical doctor. One of the letter writers asked that very question: the risk of contracting HIV thru oral sex. The doctor answered pretty much as I've said, as long as it's done when there are no open sores on the lips or inside the mouth the risk is very low.

This piqued my curiosity so I did an internet search on the spread of HIV thru oral sex. This turned up numerous articles that generally say the same thing: this is not a high risk activity. I did not see any that would go out on a limb and say it had no risk, but I know I've read at least a few times that there are some experts who think there is a possibility it has no risk.

As for swallowing, I know I've read numerous times that the gastric juices in someone's gut quickly kill the HIV virus, so swallowing has virtually no risk. But every man will have to determine for himself the risk level he is comfortable with. From what I've read, my own feeling is that once a penis has gone into a mouth, the man who's mouth it is has already assumed virtually all of the risk. The additional risk of allowing the guy to ejaculate in the mouth and swallowing the sperm is negligible.

Finally, your remark that porn actors are not the best models for safe sex activity is well taken. Porn is fun to watch, but it can hardly be held up as an example of real life.
By #105042 at 28,Feb,12 16:02
I would not trust on what´s made for money And also I would not be much surprised if most of the barebacking actors in gay porn are positive anyway.

There is no 100% safety, even not with a condom. I personally find it too belittle to speak of negligible risks and "rather safe" in the end means "NOT quite safe". The more if some cocksuckers - and some do ;-)- suck a lot of cocks. What about repeating a maybe small risk again and again? Is it still small then?

I am no moral apostle. I´m just afraid that all what´s real fun is not safe at all. And imagine once you have got HIV it won´t be a big consolation if it happened "rather safe".

Good luck for everyone
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 01,Mar,12 14:02 other posts 
Paul D, my thoughts exactly!

By JeffinKS [Ignore] at 29,Feb,12 17:29 other posts 
I find there is no better reward for a job well done than to have the guy pump a big load into my mouth when sucking his cock. So far in my life I have sucked off over 100 cocks and swallowed a load from all of them, never had a STD and I am HIV-
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 29,Feb,12 19:20 other posts 
I'm with you all the way here. When a guy shoots his load of sperm in my mouth I, too, look upon it as a thank you gift for a job well done. And what a nice gift it is. He is giving me part of himself so it would be rude to reject that gift by spitting it out.

By pifad [Ignore] at 28,Feb,12 04:25 other posts 
I swallow. I also like to swirl his cum around in my mouth

By #147052 at 27,Feb,12 09:56
I always swallow. Just love the feel and the taste of it in my mouth. Not into the cum shot from the porno scene, that is a shot to the facial area. It is a waste.

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