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Anonymously voting down pictures

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #177722 [Ignore] at 16,Dec,11 14:51
Why is this possible? - i don't agree with the voting system anyway, but the fact that members are able to anonymously vote down pictures is a joke. I'm guessing it is (excuse my language) the sad f u c k e r s who have nothing to contribute to the site (except internet pictures) so feel the need to vote down other genuine members pictures. I'm not talking about one negative vote on a pic, which is fair enough, i'm talking about 5 votes in a row clearly from the same member. So my point being, if you have the urge to vote negatively, have the balls to make yourself known!

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By admin [Ignore] at 17,Dec,11 15:00 other posts 
From my point of view the main question is not why someone voting against pics, the main question is - why no one voting for those pics? Or donating points to your favorite member? If you think it's so very easy to make fake accounts to vote down pics why don't do the same and vote them up?

Problem is that you won't do this. You only say that you like this very genuine member, but you do not put your money where your mouth is. And I'm not talking literally about money, it's just a saying. You are too greedy to donate your points to that member you claim you love. And you are even too lazy to make fake account (which you claim is extremely simple) to vote positively for the pics of the member. But those who vote against do put their money or time and efforts into it. Somehow I think you all get what you deserve.

After I disabled negative voting for blacklisted members it was obvious no one would vote openly against, cause it means immediate blacklisting. I can enable voting for banned members again and make votes non-anonymous. I could also disable points burning on voting at all and make negative gifts more cheap in the same time, but it's kinda against the initial reason, which is very simple:

if people do not like the pics, they vote against more than vote for -> 0 points = you can't post more. I.e. you post what people like = you always have points and can post more, you post what people do not like = you don't have points and can't post. Simple formula to make the suggestion follow the demand.

Yes, you can say that genuine members get deleted while fakes prosper. Personally I think those who vote for fakes and make positive comments on them are imbeciles. But if they pay money for that - I'm OK with it. I'm not here to make a site of your or my dreams, I'm here to sell what people buy.
By #88520 at 17,Dec,11 17:09
I usually try to give positive votes when someone I know posts something hot, but I won't disagree with you that most of us including myself are greedy with our points. In most cases it's easier to get someones attention by leaving a comment or sending a message and that doesn't cost anything .

I now get why you can't just disable anonymous voting. I can't think of a good solution either that would both allow members to protect themselves against harassment and at the same time protect members that leave genuine negative votes from getting blacklisted. Personally I would prefer the second option you listed, where I at least get to see who left the negative votes.

In the long run I think the site will be more successful if you try to promote positive behaviour and make it harder for the fakes and troublemakers to run wild on the site, even if they do bring in money at the moment.
By admin [Ignore] at 17,Dec,11 17:44 other posts 
There is a report button on every image and every profile. If you have proof that someone is fake - you just have to report the account with that proof. Truth is - only 3 or 4 members care to report fakes correctly. Others just send stupid reports like "it's obvious to me it's a fake", mostly when they don't like someone. And even those are rare.

It's easy to "run wild" here for fakes simply because you permit them do this.

Do not expect me to know all pics in the net or to verify hundreds of accounts and thousands of pics submitted here every day. Or monitor every message of 200 members logged in simultaneously. Even if I do not **** and eat and spend every moment doing this - I won't be able to do it.
By #88520 at 17,Dec,11 20:04
Haha I know and I'm not expecting you to do that work. I was mostly thinking about measures to prevent people from creating multiple accounts. But I guess there's no easy or failsafe way of doing that either.

The problem with reporting fakes today is that they will just come back the next day with a new profile and pics of a different girl.

What kind of proof would be enough btw? Oftentimes their pics can be found on some obscure amateur site after doing an image search.
By admin [Ignore] at 18,Dec,11 12:25 other posts 
Correct proof is a link to the same pic (or one of the pics of the profile) on some commercial site. Not a link to commercial site with a note "it's there". I won't look through thousands of pics to find the match.

Amateur sites can't be proof, because it's hard to tell was the pic stolen from there or was it stolen by them from here or it's the same person using several sites.

However, it's often enough to point out that pics on the profile are from different sources.

And yes, there is a difference between paid and non-paid members. It's a difference in a degree of my responsibility. That's why paid members can get by with what non-paid don't. I won't explain this here. Who's interested may study DMCA act, it's on the net.
By #27618 at 18,Dec,11 01:00
Well the sad fucker Everready burnt all my points by down voting 2 photos,,,42 times.
I only know it was Everready because he said so, there was no indication in the "Points Log" showing who the offender was.
If I hadn't been able to convert "Gifts" into points, I would have none and not been able to leave comments.

So in my view,,,,,,voting down photos just because some creep doesn't like what you've said,,,,and because they are a "PAID" member,,,,,,sucks big time.
By admin [Ignore] at 18,Dec,11 11:56 other posts 
Well, there are two sides for this.

Typical situation: fake member post pics from the net, other members come to his page and leave messages that those pics are fake. The member deletes their messages and blacklist them all. Then people complain that I protect fakes. The only way is to vote that member down. Well, not actually "the only", because a correct way is to report such a member to me, but members usually do not want to do this or can't present a correct proof. So voting negative is their way.

And if I disable blacklist (it did not exist initially on this site) and take points penalty for deleted comments off - one or two idiots with butthurt are able to post hundreds of abusive comments on everyone's pages. And you won't like it, trust me.

I know the current system is not perfect, but it's better than everything else that was before. If I find a way to improve it - I will improve it.
By Matt52 [Ignore] at 18,Dec,11 20:04 other posts 
From Matt's Wife: All you have done is make it possible for people to become pay members and then harrass other people. Being a pay member does not make you real or not a troll. Negative votes are wrong on every level and making it anonymous is just evil

By #88520 at 17,Dec,11 09:18
Did Revealed delete her account?

By #177722 at 17,Dec,11 01:29
I don't expect everybody to like my pictures but i also don't think it is a fair system that members can create accounts purely to place multiple votes against pics to get them off the front page ***** ADMIN WHEN WILL YOU TAKE NOTE AND CHANGE THINGS ********
By #88520 at 17,Dec,11 03:45
This is also a problem, I think that disallowing new members to perform negative actions with their points for the first week/month would help.

By ghostfuck [Ignore] at 17,Dec,11 03:35 other posts 
No one has negative voted on any of my pics. But someone left a mean comment. I feel only visible members should be able to comment or vote.

By #165412 at 17,Dec,11 02:09
To me it is quite simple. Get off your admin ass or asses and change the system so that only visible members can vote………end of story……….or the next thing that will happen, I personally will organize such a massive walk out from this site that it will be a smoldering mess when I've finished! I haven't even looked for support but I bet you I will get it. SO ACT NOW!
By #205329 at 17,Dec,11 02:21
well said!!!!

By tos395 [Ignore] at 17,Dec,11 02:02 other posts 
Revealed:: couldnt agree more,,, some sad & delusional people prefer to be anonymous to be neagtive. Admin should ban the "anonymous" the ability to do anything,,post comments, vote, or say /do anything.lift your game ADMIN,,, get behind the members with a name & a page...

By #88520 at 16,Dec,11 18:08
Yeah I'd prefer if it always showed who left the votes. The last few days someone has left about 25 negative votes on my pics. I have no idea who I have pissed off, but he seems very dedicated to keep my points down to zero
By cupar [Ignore] at 16,Dec,11 18:11 other posts 
Perhaps admin should take note
By #88520 at 16,Dec,11 18:53
Yeah I think that the ability to give negative votes is still necessary to make it possible to vote down bad pics from the frontpage, but the anonymous votes seem to mostly be used for grieving other members or for some kind of revenge.

I don't know if disabling anonymous votes would solve the problem, but at least I could ban a user that keeps coming back to leave chunks of negative votes.

By Matt52 [Ignore] at 16,Dec,11 15:41 other posts 
From Matt's Wife: This is one of the reasons that our pics are not viewable anymore
By #177722 at 16,Dec,11 16:05
I can't believe you are left in a position where you can no longer show your pictures - surely admin must see this voting system is only succeeding in driving members away.
Do admin have any intention of changing things?
By Matt52 [Ignore] at 16,Dec,11 18:35 other posts 
From Matt's Wife: Well actually the way I protected our pics was that I made them viewable to our friends only . We had over 5000 friends. They made a rule that you can only have 100 friends. I am sorry but I can't decide who the 100 would be and not piss everyone else off so it is easier to not have any friends on our list.

By cupar [Ignore] at 16,Dec,11 17:56 other posts 
Happened to me too with all my points gone adding a PM with abuse from `tet56` Looks like a childish game some are playing
By cupar [Ignore] at 16,Dec,11 18:03 other posts 
There is the option of banning them but only works if you know who it is. Perhaps the option of hiding your name should be scrapped. If you buy points its a bad deal

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