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By liketoedge at 03,Jul,20 14:33
I dont think I have ever gone a entire week without masturbating. I learned how when i was 8 and been daily if not more since i learned how.

By liketoedge at 02,Jul,20 14:24
I think it totally Hot watching other guys make themself cum. I've always liked it,

By liketoedge at 02,Jul,20 13:56
How did you correct it? Stretching or surgury?

By liketoedge at 02,Jul,20 13:52
I do it at work quite frequently. I'm sure lots of guys do. I've ask many friends and most admit they have.

By liketoedge at 02,Jul,20 13:49
As a boy I wore briefs, around 5th grade boxers became popular and asked my mom to just buy me boxers. Then in 2nd year of high school I stared wearing boxer briefs. Now I wear boxer briefs unless I am wearing a suit then I usually dont wear any underwear at all

By liketoedge at 30,Jun,20 13:06
I great hearing other people's introduction to masturabating. I could read those stories all day.

By liketoedge at 27,Jun,20 12:17
I was seduced like that too

By liketoedge at 21,Jun,20 14:18

By liketoedge at 21,Jun,20 13:47
I was 11 when a nieghborhood girl that was a few years older ask me if I masturbated. I acted like I didnt know what she was talking about. She then asked me to play truth of dare. We ended up showing each other. It started with just truth questions but quickly went to dares. She showed me her boobs first and then I dated her to show her pussy. Next question was show her my dick which was hard as a rock and she just jacked the skin back and forth and I almost immediately got the feeling but I didnt have sperm yet but she knew from my hips that were involuntarily bucking that I was having an orgasm. Afterwards she rubbed herself until she had one too. She thought she taught me how but i had been doing it regularly since i was 8.

By liketoedge at 18,Jun,20 14:32
I'm twice a day now but growing up 3 to 5 times everyday sas common. I know many of my friends were the same way

By liketoedge at 15,Jun,20 05:38
Twice a day for me usually

By liketoedge at 10,Jun,20 13:32
I had a friend that admitted he like to pee and cum on feet.

By liketoedge at 09,Jun,20 12:03
I was friends with identical twins and I asked the question. Are your dicks identical? Both agreed that one of them had a much bigger dick

By liketoedge at 09,Jun,20 11:42
It's a beauty. Perfectly proportioned

By liketoedge at 06,Jun,20 15:17
I've done it for years.

By liketoedge at 06,Jun,20 12:18
First handjob and blowjob were both from other boys. Girls came later. We were all very horny growing up in my nieghborhood

By liketoedge at 03,Jun,20 13:08
I've done it before. I like eating pussy and the girl used to really get off if I had already fucked her. But she seemed to like anything. The nastier the better

By liketoedge at 02,Jun,20 14:24

By liketoedge at 02,Jun,20 12:04
All cocks are different. Thin cocks are hot because they look well proportioned. Is cool that all dicks are unique. I think average a smaller are usually the nicest looking.

By liketoedge at 28,May,20 12:57
That's Hot.

By liketoedge at 27,May,20 14:48
Has anyone witness another guy masturbaye while at the urinals. I did a few years ago and he let me stay and watch the whole thing. After he finished and left I went into a stall and blew a load very quickly.

By liketoedge at 24,May,20 12:59

By liketoedge at 22,May,20 11:04
I had jo
buddies growing up. I like the idea of a secret club again

By liketoedge at 21,May,20 15:12
It was the boy that taught me how. But growing up many of my friends watched eachother.

By liketoedge at 21,May,20 13:54
I have found average or smaller and circumcised are the best looking by far. There was always something hot when a friend was smaller than mine.

By liketoedge at 21,May,20 12:51
I like smaller

By liketoedge at 20,May,20 15:14

By liketoedge at 19,May,20 13:55
Some of my earliest experiences. I would go out in the woods to masturbate but would have to get completely naked and wander away from my clothes. Sometimes for a couple hours knowing if I was discovered there would be nothing I could do. Then I would lay down and masturbate. After I orgasmed it was an awkward feeling walking back to my clothes

By liketoedge at 19,May,20 13:33
Around 7yo. Almost every boy in the nieghborhood had a stash of magazines.

By liketoedge at 19,May,20 13:31
I have learned over the years lots of guy have sucked a cock before and those that never have done it think about

By liketoedge at 19,May,20 13:23
Booze and drugs definitely lowers inhibitions.

By liketoedge at 19,May,20 13:20
I did have a couple friends admitted they tugged on theirs before pe to make theirs appear bigger too.

By liketoedge at 18,May,20 12:59
Just being naked in school showers always made me semi erect. Many of my classmates thought I was hung bigger than most but the truth was a was half hard

By liketoedge at 18,May,20 12:54
Only 4 different guys. All of them mine my youth with the exception of one. But still think about it alot and remember those experiences very fondly. We were very horny boys and it was never about affection for each other hormones and horniness that all of us experienced

By liketoedge at 18,May,20 12:47
Thanks, I appreciated your blogs. I'm always up for a chat

By liketoedge at 18,May,20 03:39
I have a friend that still gets a hard boner and he is 76. But a know another friend that is 36 or 37 and doesn't get boner at all anymore.

By liketoedge at 17,May,20 12:22
It definitely turned him on and he immediately started rubbing and shot his load in less than 30 seconds

By liketoedge at 17,May,20 12:19
I've always thought smaller dicks are nicer looking

By liketoedge at 16,May,20 14:55
Those innocent time were super exciting. I have some great memories of those times

By liketoedge at 16,May,20 14:51
I had a friend that was just opposite. All meat and no potatos. His ball were about the size of quarters but he had a a skinny 7 inch dick

By liketoedge at 15,May,20 13:56
4 to 5 inch boners are hot. It's a shame most guys with smaller cocks are so modest

By liketoedge at 13,May,20 13:53
Average and smaller are extremely hot.

By liketoedge at 13,May,20 13:51
Dry orgasms for me from 8 to 13 and a half. I was immediately hooked and 3 to 5 times a day was pretty common. I would estimate I had over 5000 dry orgasms before I could produce sperm. I've always been a very horny guy even as a boy.

By liketoedge at 13,May,20 13:34
I agree 100% I've never been caught in the act but have had many close calls where they might have suspected. It the thrill that I possibly could be caught that makes it so hot

By liketoedge at 11,May,20 13:32
I've always liked seeing other guys cocks. Did an internet search. Found a site called and while chatting ask if anyone know of other site and was directed to this one

By liketoedge at 11,May,20 13:22

By liketoedge at 10,May,20 13:04
Secretly masturbating in Odd, risky and semi public places has always been a major turn on for me. Been doing it since I first started and still do it today. I could write a list of 100s of places that I've done it.

By liketoedge at 07,May,20 14:07
I was 13 and a half the first time I shot sperm but had been masturbating since I was 8 and having dry orgasms usually several times a day before I shot my first load. I had seen others and knew exactly what it was. That was a proud day and had been waiting for it to happen for a long time

By liketoedge at 07,May,20 14:03
Just being naked around others usually gave me a boner. I was always at least semi hard in the showers in jr high.

By liketoedge at 07,May,20 13:12
Never stayed in a motel or hotel room just to jack off but that being said I think I've masturbated in every room I've ever stayed in.