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By whitebriefs 11,Apr,21 10:10
Mine is very thick and creamy yellowish coloured. Always has been since I was a teenager, I donít know why.

By whitebriefs 11,Apr,21 10:09
Yes, I do love the smell of cum

By whitebriefs 11,Apr,21 09:56
Iíve got a scar just above my penis on the left hand side where I had a very large hernia operation nearly 30 years, I still get a twinge there when I lift something heavy.
Iíve also got a scar on my glans from recurring balanitis when I was younger in my teens and twenties. Nobody else has noticed it but I still notice it when it comes out!

By whitebriefs 11,Apr,21 09:36
What sort of school did you go to in the UK. In my middle school I was in a class of 30 boys and only one of us was circumcised. I was always really intrigued by it and he actually showed me, which was great

By whitebriefs 11,Apr,21 08:22
Up and to the left here

By whitebriefs 11,Apr,21 08:03
Theyíd need to do more than remove a boys foreskin to stop him learning to masturbate! Iím uncircumcised but I tend to wank the ďcircumcised wayĒ and I never use lube, prefer the feel when I jerk dry

By whitebriefs 09,Apr,21 19:29
I sometimes practice retraction and mine just stays retracted naturally as I have a large ridged glans. Iíve never noticed any swelling on my foreskin when I do this though, just the glans drying out after a few days.

By whitebriefs 09,Apr,21 16:24

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By whitebriefs 06,Apr,21 01:58
Probably because my favourite bit of a penis is the big fat red glans and seeing it proudly on show gets me hard. I do appreciate what my foreskin does though, but when itís cold it doesnít look good!

By whitebriefs 04,Apr,21 06:56
To my eyes you have the perfect cock

By whitebriefs 03,Apr,21 21:19
In a local park when I was about 14. I was really horny and had shiny white Adidas shorts on so i went behind a tree and tugged my little hard cock!

By whitebriefs 03,Apr,21 12:54
Looks great to w

By whitebriefs 03,Apr,21 11:42
I bet thatís great fun. Iíd love to try it but mines just too tight

By whitebriefs 03,Apr,21 10:01
One of each type, youíd have to have a go!

By whitebriefs 03,Apr,21 04:20
A bit bigger than normal. Iíve also got quite big balls, my soft dick hides in between them

By whitebriefs 03,Apr,21 04:19
A lot of circumcised guys seem to want to try it. I regularly get told by cut guys online theyíd like to dock with me when they see Iím uncut, I think they want to try wanking with a foreskin. What most donít realise though is that itís very few men that can actually dock anyway!

By whitebriefs 03,Apr,21 04:17
Guys jerking / wanking either alone or with other guys really gets me going. Penises just get me leaking, I love small dicks, circumcised dicks, chubby guys, hairy guys, and guys who wear traditional white briefs too. Thatís what I usually drift towards when Iím on then usual porn sites or chaturbate / Skype. I have no interests in guys arseholes though, I donít want to see their nipsy!

By whitebriefs 02,Apr,21 17:24
The best size

By whitebriefs 02,Apr,21 09:52
Iíd be perfectly okay with that lovely cock too

By whitebriefs 01,Apr,21 12:58
Lovely cock

By whitebriefs 31,Mar,21 18:13
The amount of circumcised guys that have said theyíd like to dock, but you need a really long foreskin to be able to do that. Mines way too short and goes back tight when Iím hard, no chance of getting another fat cock head in there!

By whitebriefs 31,Mar,21 16:53
Love a tape measure pic

By whitebriefs 31,Mar,21 16:49
Gets mine hard

By whitebriefs 31,Mar,21 16:49
Perfect set

By whitebriefs 31,Mar,21 13:09
Thank you!

By whitebriefs 30,Mar,21 17:47
Iím one of those weird guys thatís uncut but loves the look of a nice tidy circumcised cock. Each to their own, but it should be the owners choice!

By whitebriefs 30,Mar,21 16:51
Five and a bit here, more than happy with my size too

By whitebriefs 30,Mar,21 16:50
Nice to know Iím not the only uncut guy who prefers this way. The feeling is so much more intense, I never use my foreskin whilst wanking!

By whitebriefs 25,Mar,21 13:59
Another curved one here. Up and to the left. Gives it character!

By whitebriefs 25,Mar,21 13:58
3, just enough for me

By whitebriefs 25,Mar,21 13:56
5Ēer here, nice and average

By whitebriefs 24,Mar,21 15:55
Uncircumcised here but I love a nice flared glans proudly on show

By whitebriefs 24,Mar,21 15:54
Yours is fantastic

By whitebriefs 24,Mar,21 15:53
11, with my best friend. I learnt so much about the difference in dicks that day

By whitebriefs 12,Mar,21 13:02
I think Iím a Kinsey 5. Had sex with women in the past but only men sexually arouse me

By whitebriefs 12,Mar,21 13:00
I can usually last about 2 to 2 1/2 hours before my penis begins to hurt. I love giving it a good hard workout but have to be careful as it gets sore eventually and I get recurring balanitis. But at the time I absolutely love a nice long dry hard wank

By whitebriefs 03,Mar,21 12:47
Yep, thatís the exact sort of cock that does it for me

By whitebriefs 22,Feb,21 12:52

By whitebriefs 21,Feb,21 13:15
I only make a small amount, usually after lots of stimulation of my bare glans... it makes me ooze

By whitebriefs 21,Feb,21 07:52
Exactly the same herr

By whitebriefs 21,Feb,21 07:51
I always skin back when masturbating. I only started doing it about ten years ago, the sensation is so much more intense when I do it like that. My foreskin is mainly used to stop the glans drying out now!

By whitebriefs 16,Feb,21 18:25
Youíd love mine

By whitebriefs 15,Feb,21 14:15
Depends, but if itís before bed (when I usually have a wank) my cum goes onto the days briefs, they are the perfect cum rags

By whitebriefs 14,Feb,21 17:49
Yours is utterly perfect

By whitebriefs 14,Feb,21 17:47
Small to average every time

By whitebriefs 14,Feb,21 09:11
The good thing about having a 5Ē cock is that they are usually rock hard. Less blood needed equals a nice stiff dick!

By whitebriefs 14,Feb,21 07:47
I certainly do, I wear nowt else but white briefs.

By whitebriefs 14,Feb,21 05:19
Classic whites for me, why change perfection?!

By whitebriefs 14,Feb,21 05:17
White briefs are always perfect

By whitebriefs 12,Feb,21 17:29
Dad intact from Scotland, me intact from England