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By instashrinkman at 01,Apr,20 05:45
When they cum I feel very pleased with myself, I feel, 'yeah I'm good at this', it makes the whole experience worthwhile for both of us, I love doing it and I swallow as they cum, that is the most natural way for a man to ejaculate. And another sort of highlight is when they say thank you, not all of them. I don't mind, we're happy.

By instashrinkman at 22,Mar,20 06:22
I love peeing, the secret to long and sustained peeing is to drink 5 glasses of water not too long before your session. You will pee with great force and if you like drinking it then it's really just like water. love it.

By instashrinkman at 29,Dec,19 03:16
Ever since I joined this site I have been amazed at the amount of pictures of super tiny dicks and tight little balls. Never, until now, has there been a mention of drugs, in particular speed. Without exception speed will do this every time and to everyone. For me and I dare say for many others it's the primary motivator to sit and watch porn, especially with cocks as the main feature. For me, all I want to do is look at cocks, I take pictures of my own cock and it is always so tiny. Look at my user name.

By instashrinkman at 29,Dec,19 02:45
I wouldn't like to get caught, it's a small town I'm in with only 2 cruising sites, one is very public, the other a beachside toilet block. it's the beach block that I go to and have done for many years now, only once did I encounter someone I knew, fortunately I was on my way out. I had been waiting, sitting quietly in the cubicle for some cock to suck. Funny that no one turned up except this guy that I knew. lucky or not, maybe a few minutes would have made for a different scenario.

By instashrinkman at 29,Dec,19 02:14
I fully agree, I just want to suck them until they cum and say goodbye. Usually that is all they want as well.

By instashrinkman at 15,Nov,19 05:19
how do you search for yourself. I posted a small story years ago, where would it be?