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By crystaldickie353 at 30,Sep,19 03:10
Mostly briefs, but also jocks and trunks.

Recently did an "inventory" and I have:

14 jockstraps
40 trunks
107 briefs

161 pairs of underwear. I might have a problem.

By crystaldickie353 at 07,Sep,19 01:45
My boyfriend and I are currently living 1 1/2 hours drive apart, and we're on opposite shifts. So, we're only seeing each other on the weekends, so we both still jerk off. But, even if we fucked every day, I'd still jerk off. It's a different kind of orgasm, especially when I edge for a day or two.

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Read the fine print...

By crystaldickie353 at 08,Aug,19 21:06
As soon as I get home from work or wherever, I'm stripped down to, at most, my socks and underwear. Sometimes those come off too.

By crystaldickie353 at 08,Aug,19 21:04
I've recently acquired quite a few new pair of Aussie Bums.

By crystaldickie353 at 08,Aug,19 20:36
One of my favorite softie pics I've taken of myself.

By crystaldickie353 at 08,Aug,19 10:16
It's so much fun. All of my friends know that I will end up naked sooner rather than later. I'm often the only naked one, but I don't mind.