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By small_dick at 07,May,19 16:58
I jacked off with my friend to porn about once a week when we were 14-15. It's fun to do. I have no interest in being gay but for some reason jerking it to porn with a friend is enjoyable. With a woman it's not as fun. I guess cause guys are down to jerk off hahaha

By small_dick at 04,May,19 00:02
2 or 3 hours watching porn and looking at pics is probably the longest I could do.

By small_dick at 03,May,19 23:55
Fuck my ex-girlfriend but it's only a fantasy hahaha if I really did it that would be weird.

fucking one of my female friends would be good too but also would be weird if it really happened. More of a fantasy while jacking off then for real.

By small_dick at 03,May,19 23:54
Depends on who is asking

By small_dick at 03,May,19 23:45
Hahaha pretty much this

By small_dick at 03,May,19 23:42
My guy friend. I used to jack off with him about once a week when we were around 14 watching porn on VHS. Not sure how we started doing it though.

I think one of us just went for it and the other one followed. At first we hid our dicks but eventually stopped caring and just did it out in the open in front of each other.

We stopped doing it for a long time and then one day when we were like 20 we watched a porn and jacked off again for old times sake. That was the last time.

By small_dick at 03,May,19 23:09
also watched!

By small_dick at 03,May,19 23:08
Sittin Pretty from 1990. Got it from a friend we smuggled it out of the house from his dads collection and made a copy. Then my other friend came over and we jacked off while watching it. Those were fun days lol

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By small_dick at 03,May,19 23:01
damn shes hot