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Wide or narrow metel cock and ball rings? 02,Jun,19 00:00


By Smoothmann at 10,Dec,19 19:31
Good looking dildo!What size is iy?

By Smoothmann at 10,Dec,19 19:30
Nice carved wooden prostate massager!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 12:30
I too masterbate dry with my cirumcised cock and it feels great!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 12:28
When I go on my nude hikes I leave my seed along the trail!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 11:41
I am smooth shaven from my chest,back,legs,ass,cock and balls! I have hair on my head and arms only.

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 07:18
I have much the same views as you do music wise.The older music is just better in every way!

By Smoothmann at 08,Dec,19 07:14
I was not able to get on the site until later in the evening!I am glad it's up and running again.

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 22:04
Yea!Hitting my prostrate with my dildo makes me cum harder!!!!

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 20:18
With a dildo inserted in my ass I can cum much better as it is rubbing on my prostate.I have found that riding my dildo in and out I can cum hands free! You are feeling a more intense orgasm with your dildo inserted.

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 05:39
You sure are a #1!!!!

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 05:37
Another great butt pluging!

By Smoothmann at 05,Dec,19 05:36
Plugged well I see!

By Smoothmann at 04,Dec,19 20:41
Yea!2"is my current limit for my butt.Once it's in for a while then I can start riding it up and down with no pain!

By Smoothmann at 04,Dec,19 20:30
That's a nice large dildo!2"?

By Smoothmann at 04,Dec,19 17:27
Yes!I have a 2"x8"King Cock dildo that really stretches out my butt hole!I need a lot of lube and working my hole with smaller dildos too get the big 2" one in!

By Smoothmann at 03,Dec,19 22:45
Do your parents ever come over to visit any more?

By Smoothmann at 03,Dec,19 22:41
A spectacular 1 !

By Smoothmann at 02,Dec,19 16:33
It looks like a #7 to me

By Smoothmann at 02,Dec,19 05:35
I enjoy being nude outside as much as I can all summer.I like to walk my property nude at night and I love to take nude hikes on the local mountain trails with nothing on but my shoes and my camo backpack!

By Smoothmann at 01,Dec,19 20:57
I think it's a 1.

By Smoothmann at 01,Dec,19 08:49
No but rubbing the head quickly makes me cum quite hard!

By Smoothmann at 30,Nov,19 19:52
I think he's 85!?

By Smoothmann at 30,Nov,19 07:39
Wow!You have such good cock meetings!Wish I could meet !

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 11:48
Yes! Too all my friends here.I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!!!

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 11:14
I do not worry about it.I am circumcised and about half the people I know are not.It's all good by me!

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 09:44
It's the same with me at my nudist resort.Just normal people that enjoy living clothes free and sex is not openly practiced at out resort.

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 08:49
I have alway been circumcised and when fully erect my head is very sensitive and just by rubbing my head I can cum quickly!

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 08:45
The only rule was that if friends or family were coming over to visit we had to wear clothes!

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 07:21
I was allowed to be nude in our house while growing up and seeing my parents and sister nude was just a normal day to day occurance.We all turned out OK! :x

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 07:14
Great photos!

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 07:13
Nice smooth cock!

By Smoothmann at 28,Nov,19 02:04
I am circumcised too and I do not need to you lube to masterbate.A light stroking of my shaft works fine!

By Smoothmann at 27,Nov,19 15:54
Yes!Happy Thanksgiving to all my friend here!

By Smoothmann at 24,Nov,19 07:17
I have a grilled chicken Caesar salad once a week and I have never gotten sick from it!I understand some people do get sick but how many from a country of 300 million people? I believe that it's a very small percentage.

By Smoothmann at 22,Nov,19 16:58
I am so sorry for your loss.

By Smoothmann at 21,Nov,19 21:26
There is a hot air balloon festivel in my state every year too.

By Smoothmann at 21,Nov,19 20:05
Nice photo! Was there a hot air balloon show going on?

By Smoothmann at 21,Nov,19 17:31
Nice out doors photo!

By Smoothmann at 19,Nov,19 18:18
I have hiked nude in the woods since I was a kid!I really enjoy being nude in nature and I highly recomend trying it! I have photos on my page showing my nude hikes this past summer!

By Smoothmann at 18,Nov,19 17:12
Looks like a 1 too me!

By Smoothmann at 17,Nov,19 19:10
I think maybe a 2?

By Smoothmann at 16,Nov,19 20:15
Very nice and erect!

By Smoothmann at 14,Nov,19 20:51
Looks nice and smooth!

By Smoothmann at 13,Nov,19 17:21
A smooth cock is the way too go!

By Smoothmann at 13,Nov,19 17:19
I love redheads too! Smooth or pubes as long as their red are fine by me!

By Smoothmann at 12,Nov,19 17:29
I go to my resort's pool and always swim nude.When I am at the beach on the Jersey shore I wear my mesh shorts and nothing else!With the sun shineing behind me my package can clearly be seen!

By Smoothmann at 10,Nov,19 07:49

By Smoothmann at 10,Nov,19 07:48
Thanks!I was leaning towards a #4 too!

By Smoothmann at 09,Nov,19 19:35
I have been a nudist since I was 12!I spend my weekends at my local nudist resort!

By Smoothmann at 08,Nov,19 15:11
Nice firm erection and grip!