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Wide or narrow metel cock and ball rings? 02,Jun,19 00:00


By Smoothmann at 24,Jun,19 21:16
I have many nude hiking photos on my page!

By Smoothmann at 23,Jun,19 05:24
In the summer I wear net or mesh briefs but I go commando on the really hot days! I also have a nice collection of sexy g- string,thongs,briefs,penis glove underwear from HoHoWear.

By Smoothmann at 23,Jun,19 05:17
My cock is just over 6"in length and 1.45"in diameter and cut.My gf says that it fits her perfectly!

By Smoothmann at 22,Jun,19 01:22
It's 1:20AM and I am still nude while typing this comment!

By Smoothmann at 21,Jun,19 05:10
I too enjoy anal play.I can get 3 fingers in my butt and with a good anal lube I can take 2" to 2.25" dildo or butt plug in my ass.This is about my limit at this time!

By Smoothmann at 20,Jun,19 21:07
I am always nude at home and I put my trash out nude and pick up my mail nude also.Neighbors don't seem to mind!I also enjoy nude walks at night on my land.

By Smoothmann at 20,Jun,19 20:08
Nice beach photo!Where was this photo taken?

By Smoothmann at 20,Jun,19 17:10
No problem RodStroke!I believe that you should be allowed to be nude on your own privite property as long as you are not being overly sexual or drawing unneeded attention to your self when the public can see you.Just my view on this matter.

By Smoothmann at 19,Jun,19 17:12
If I worked with you we would not get much work done!

By Smoothmann at 19,Jun,19 05:48
Yea,I know what you mean!But I do notice that most people do not know that you are nude in the car!

By Smoothmann at 19,Jun,19 05:46
Beautiful smooth couple!

By Smoothmann at 18,Jun,19 20:53
It works for me and my girl!

By Smoothmann at 18,Jun,19 20:52
I take 50mg zinc pills daily.My gf is happy!

By Smoothmann at 18,Jun,19 20:48
I drive nude to and from my nudist resort.It's the best way too drive!

By Smoothmann at 18,Jun,19 20:10
I would love too be next in line!

By Smoothmann at 18,Jun,19 20:09
Pure titty bliss!

By Smoothmann at 18,Jun,19 20:03
Wow!Your clit is beautiful!

By Smoothmann at 17,Jun,19 20:50
I like photos of fellow members doing everyday choirs in the nude.I am also a fan of smooth shaven bodies.

By Smoothmann at 16,Jun,19 00:09
Yea,when anal is done right it is fantastic!

By Smoothmann at 16,Jun,19 00:05
Nice and smooth!

By Smoothmann at 14,Jun,19 01:11
Nice large ball set!

By Smoothmann at 14,Jun,19 01:10
Great balls!

By Smoothmann at 12,Jun,19 19:16
When I first started anal play I started with slim dildos and butt plugs.And you should find several brands of anal lube as some last longer than others.I prefer Intimate Earth Soothe anal glide as a little goes a long way and it is not sticky. I remember when 1.5" plugs and dildos were a challenge too insert all the way in!With enough practice I can now take 2" and 2.25"plugs and dildos in my butt!I may try 2.5" at some time,but 2"to 2.25"plugs work on my prostate really well while I am having sex with my gf.I have a stronger orgasam when I cum inside her!Anal play has a lot of benefits when done correctly!

By Smoothmann at 12,Jun,19 17:29
Yes! I want a sexy tranny to make love to all night long! :x

By Smoothmann at 12,Jun,19 17:27
I too want a beautiful tranny to play with!

By Smoothmann at 12,Jun,19 17:24
I shave my balls in the shower every night.Your skin will get used to it and it's very rare when I cut my self.

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 21:47
I love tranlucent underware.Looks cool!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 21:41
Thanks for answering my question.Are they hard to get off being a triple ring set.I did see them on your page and do look cool! I will try them some day!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 20:52
Just show up and remove all your clothes.It's that easy and since everyone else is naked you will blend in.I drive to and from my nudist resort naked as it seems unnessesary to get dressed only to remove them once I am there.I do keep a pair of short handy in case I am stopped.You learn to be comfortable in your own skin!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 20:44
Voted!I hope it helps you win!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 19:36
Hold your nose!!!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 19:33
I have a silicone ring that helps me stay erect longer during sex with my gf.I like the wide metel cock and ball rings for show and tell! I am open too trying different rings!What exactly are triple rings?Are they 3 rings in a row or are fastened together?

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 19:18
Will do my friend!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 12:11
I love the smooth look on women and men.I am smooth shaven from my neck down!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 09:53
maybe the girl next door will play with you?

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 09:50
Yea,I do.I have to adjust my cock and balls after I get out of my car.It seems with my mesh shorts when it's hot outside they will stick to my ass crack and my balls will stick to my leg.When adjusted my package is visible through my mesh shorts on a sunny day!

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 05:29

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 05:23
Yea,I get the same result wearing my rings!

By Smoothmann at 08,Jun,19 08:19
Nice smooth cock!

By Smoothmann at 08,Jun,19 08:17
My first time to cum was when I was 12 years old.I remember rubbing my cock in bed and it throbbed and shot cum all over me and the sheets!I then fell asleep and when I woke up the sheets were stuck to me!Later that same day I shot a load in the bathroom and some cum even made it in to the toilet bowl!Most hit the floor and seat!My mother was not happy with the mess I made.

By Smoothmann at 08,Jun,19 06:34
A tranny humming in your car is bad! A tranny humming while having sex with you is good!

By Smoothmann at 08,Jun,19 01:54
Beautiful photo!

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 21:19
I would love to live in a nudist town and never have to wear clothes again!

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 21:15
I would love too be with a beautiful tranny and spend the night making love to each other!

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 21:11
I drive nude to and from my nudist resort most times.I also enjoy driving nude on the back country roads at night with the windows down.

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 17:29
I agree.Just being nude going about your daily choirs in life should not be illegal.

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 17:21
I love your photo!

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 17:20
I too enjoy driving nude in my car.

By Smoothmann at 07,Jun,19 02:10

By Smoothmann at 06,Jun,19 22:13
It's nice country there.