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By mustang51 at 07,Jun,19 08:21
I would so love to have a CFNM experience, or two, or three.....!

By mustang51 at 14,Mar,19 08:50
My going on, hmmm...I lost count 10+ years. Not all are hardwired for sex...damn-it!

By mustang51 at 14,Mar,19 08:49
Not at all! I appreciate compliments and find them a turn-on both from women and men.

By mustang51 at 28,Feb,19 18:07
I want to try it so badly! Both giving and receiving. I can imagine that a prostate massage is both exciting and stimulating.

By mustang51 at 28,Feb,19 18:06
I'm sorry that your life is sad! Perhaps try being kind, respectful, and loving. Give yourself a chance to reevaluate your return on your human investment. Things may improve for you.

By mustang51 at 17,Jan,19 09:07
Not enough and still looking for a male experience!

By mustang51 at 12,Jan,19 08:25
Yes, I do. Love cocks and pussy...ugh!

By mustang51 at 26,Dec,18 08:14
I'd love to jerk off for her!

By mustang51 at 09,Sep,18 08:04
OMG...I'm with you. I want this experience so bad! I think that it would be awesome. Let me know if you find an opportunity.
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Not easy to find such an opportunity in NE Lower MI!

By mustang51 at 03,Sep,18 18:24
Go for it my friend. You obviously posses expertise, but consider the consequences for others. A medical journal article:

>Ring-shaped objects are placed on the penis often to enhance sexual performance and for autoerotic purposes or curiosity.1, 2 The ring hinders venous return and leads to swelling, followed by arterial and lymphatic blockage and ischemia distal to the ring.3, 4 The corpora spongiosum cannot accommodate the pressure and the corpora cavernosa, which is protected by the deep penile (Buck) fascia and tunica albuginea, is ultimately damaged.5 Timely removal of the offending object is paramount for full recovery of circulatory and urinary functions and in most cases further management is unwarranted. Delay in removal can lead to penile necrosis, urethrocutaneous fistula, and even septic shock and death:

By mustang51 at 03,Sep,18 16:34
No. Not a surgical emergency. The ring is simply cut off using a standard "finger" ring cutter. Penis have two "tubes" on both sides that fill with **** (erection). When these tubes drain erections soften. Rings impede **** drainage artificially. When rings impede drainage to the point that the penis swells up get it--right? Point of no return without cutting the ring off. One might consider purchasing a ring cutter just in case.

By mustang51 at 03,Sep,18 16:02
Yes. Rings are intended to impede **** flow from you cock, which is why rings helps sustain erections. Your cock can increase in girth to the point that you can't remove a metal ring without having it urgently cut off, which I have performed in an ER environment (rare as it may be). Flexible rings are a wise choice and achieve the same "up" side! Think of the ring as a penis tourniquet.

By mustang51 at 03,Sep,18 15:51
hmmm....depends..depends...depends! Well, dam-it, yes!

By mustang51 at 03,Sep,18 13:04
Careful friends! I've had to cut off a few once it was realized that things weren't going back down. You can reach a point of no return, which is a medical emergency. Have fun, keep it hard, but be safe. No laughing matter if it's you.