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By Eerect at 11,Aug,19 02:55
Wife just come back from Hen party in Ibiza,took 12 condoms with her,came back with 2.Kept the used ones in a plastic bag to prove how many guys she fucked in 3 days! Very sore pussy too,licked it better!

By Eerect at 03,Aug,19 02:29
Interesting...I'd give it a go..could be a whole new experience..

By Eerect at 25,Jul,19 04:41
Love being pissed on by women,over my body and in my mouth.

By Eerect at 25,Jul,19 04:39
I am not gay but went to one with a friend who is,I had a hard on and was flattered by guys looking at me and masturbating,nobody invaded my space and I would go again.

By Eerect at 24,Jul,19 00:20
Absolutely! Love it! Get into a 69 position and lick each other,follow by deep anal fucking,so hot!!

By Eerect at 14,Jul,19 01:46
It was by the Leidseplein area,a street with a Indonesian Restaurant,about 5 years ago,can't place name at the moment...will try to find out!!

By Eerect at 11,Jul,19 08:28
That should have read wanked not walked..predictive text.!!

By Eerect at 11,Jul,19 08:26
I never played with a cock until I was in a toilet in an Amsterdam nightclub when a random dick appeared through a hole in the wall, I grabbed it and walked the lucky guy off! No idea who it was,washed my hands and went back to the club as if it hadn't happened!

By Eerect at 09,Jul,19 16:34
I eat it out of my Wife's pussy, or if I am wanking, I can just about get my cock to my mouth if I bend my body back over myself and shoot my spunk straight in.

By Eerect at 06,Jul,19 02:16
My wife and her friend have a gay (male)couple as friends and did anal with them,the guys pulled out and came in the girls' mouths and absolutely loved it!

By Eerect at 18,Jun,19 17:58
Yes! Why not? It's good fun being on here.

By Eerect at 09,Jun,19 01:45
A girl,my friends sister when I was 14,she was 17,shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed the lot!

By Eerect at 08,Jun,19 02:58
It was a fantasy of my wife to watch me suck a cock which I duly obliged,I enjoyed it and had a big mouthful of hot spunk to swallow,I have done it again when I am in "the moment".

By Eerect at 25,May,19 01:28
Fucking hello yeah! Love it!

By Eerect at 21,May,19 02:58
I got a hard on in a gym shower,I was aware of a guy looking at me,so,pretending not to see him,I masturbated and shot my load so he could see it spurt,when I finished I saI spotted he too had an erection and was walking as I got dressed.

By Eerect at 09,Apr,19 06:40
I have never secretly sucked a cock,I have done it openly while my wife watched! It was a fantasy of hers!

By Eerect at 03,Apr,19 07:20
I think it is definately something many women fantasize aboutbut are too scared to try.My wife have friends who have tried it and they loved it too,of course it is not for everybody,but you never know untill you try it.

By Eerect at 02,Apr,19 06:37
My wife has been gangbanged by 10 guys,I watched the whole thing! She was so empowered with so many men wanting her,she swallowed 10 dick loads of spunky,she then rode my cock anally,I was so turned on and had never spanked so much in my life!Every woman should try it!

By Eerect at 31,Mar,19 03:02
I just ate my own cum out of my wifes pussy,delicious!

By Eerect at 15,Mar,19 20:29
My wife loves me licking her arse,I stick my tongue up as far as I can while rubbing her clit,she always comes!!

By Eerect at 02,Mar,19 04:54
I have sucked cock a few times,a guy fucked my wife last night and I sucked his cock after he pulled it out of my wifes pussy,taste of spunk and pussy juice is great!

By Eerect at 18,Feb,19 03:41
I like the taste of cum,my Wife has had seven guys spunk in her mouth on one occasion,held it all in mouth before swallowing the lot in one go!Rubbed her clit and came almost instantly she was so turned on by it.

By Eerect at 18,Feb,19 03:37
I was in a three some fucking a guys wife in the arse,he offered me his cock to suck while he watched,I enjoyed a mouthful of spunk while I emptied my load up his wife's anus! Very sexy!

By Eerect at 10,Feb,19 02:44
On the few occasions I have sucked a cock I have always swallowed,I position his cock to it shoots straight down my throat.

By Eerect at 10,Feb,19 02:40
When I wank I position myself so I have spunk straight into my mouth,I like the salty sweet taste and always swallow it.If another guy cums in my Wife's pussy she sits on my face so I can lick his spunk out of her,she loves it!

By Eerect at 24,Jan,19 17:33
Hell yeah!! Always!!

By Eerect at 19,Jan,19 18:02
Not now,but in the past,hell yeah!! and I did@

By Eerect at 02,Jan,19 18:55
Yes,have shaved previous girlfreinds and my wifes pussies,much prefer pubic hair now though.

By Eerect at 02,Jan,19 18:54
Nice thought but never going to happen!

By Eerect at 28,Dec,18 05:19
My wife fucks me with a strap-on while her friend sucks my cock,I spunk in her mouth and they cum swap!

By Eerect at 28,Dec,18 05:17
We a group of(4) guys who come round and fuck my wife while I take pictures and video them.She has female friends who join in with me and my wife,she loves watching me fuck their arses and spunking on their faces.

By Eerect at 19,Dec,18 05:51
We are very comfortable with watching each other with others.We have just filmed a video of my wife with 4 guys,it is such a turn-on for both of us,seeing her taking turns sucking 4 hard cocks then her letting them take turns in fucking both her holes before giving her 4 different shots of spunk to swallow,so,so,sexy!! She also watched me having anal sex with two of her friends,she had pussy juice dribbling down her legs she was so turned on.If you and your partners are BOTH comfortable with it,try it,it adds a whole new dimension to your sex life.

By Eerect at 24,Nov,18 03:58
My wife fucks my arse with a small dildo,it stimulates my prostate and as she gently massages my balls I shoot gallons of spunk which she takes in her mouth,so fucking horny,love it!

By Eerect at 17,Nov,18 02:01
Yes I would and would love to see my wife in one too! We are looking into her actualy taking part in one at the moment.

By Eerect at 02,Nov,18 03:32
Walking about with an erection and having my Wife suck it in front of people.

By Eerect at 16,Oct,18 19:01
Yes,I have had my Wife and a couple of our female friends pee in my mouth,they have also drank my pee.Love it!

By Eerect at 14,Aug,18 04:25
As my Wife says "what is the point of sucking a cock if you don't swallow the cum?" And she is an expert at it!!

By Eerect at 25,Jun,18 18:13
I love them,my Wife and her friend both took it in turns to pee over me and in my mouth!

By Eerect at 26,May,18 10:44
Love it! Both giving and receiving!

By Eerect at 12,May,18 18:13
My wife had been out with her friends to a party and came home with a pussy full of spunk and very sore arsehole,I licked and sucked all the spunk out of her and stuck my tongue up her well fucked arse,we both loved it! Shot my load down her throat to mix with all the other sperms down inside her.

By Eerect at 12,May,18 18:05
Absolutely not.If a gay guy likes the look of my hard cock that is fine by me.

By Eerect at 12,May,18 12:03
I like the thought,take it as a compliment,I might even post some more pics for guys to wank off to.

By Eerect at 12,May,18 12:01
I like eating my cum out of my Wifes pussy.

By Eerect at 01,May,18 05:35
Back in the day,I had a girlfriend and we used to look at hardcore porn magazines together and try to copy the pictures we looked at,which included anal sex pictures,we were in the bath together when I stuck my fingers up her arse, which she liked the feel of,then as she relaxed more I lubed my dick and slowly pushed it up her anus,it felt incredibly tight,like an elastic band being wound around my cock,but eventualy it slipped all the way in and I was able to gently start pumping her arse,it felt very smooth and very tight,gripping my cock along its whole length,I pushed it as deep as I could in her and shot my load,she loved the feel of my cock throbbing and pulsating inside her tight brown hole and could feel my spunk hitting the inside of her,I pulled out and watched my cum dribble back out,so,so,hot! needless to say anal sex became a regular part of our sex life!

By Eerect at 28,Apr,18 02:27
When I was 18 I was fucking a 30 Yr. old,she was one dirty bitch and taught me so much! probably why I love sex so much now.If any younger guys out there get the chance with an older woman,definately go for it!

By Eerect at 23,Apr,18 17:08
My wife does,she fucking loves it and swallows and savours every last drop,the more the better.

By Eerect at 21,Apr,18 18:24
I would dearly love a sex session with some of the women who have shown their cunts here and would travel to make that wish come true.

By Eerect at 20,Apr,18 17:21
Not too fussed about fucking but being clean is a must for oral sex.

By Eerect at 03,Apr,18 17:03
Cheers buddy! Just enjoying it while I can!

By Eerect at 02,Apr,18 06:09
Made good use of her hands,and mouth,pussy and arse! Got a belly full of sperm to go with it too