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By lawrenceo at 21,Sep,19 04:58
Good one

By lawrenceo at 21,Sep,19 04:57
Always like to play with a soft, uncut penis especially if average to small.

By lawrenceo at 15,Sep,19 05:30
I was invited to sexual activity with other boys who also did some voyeuring with older but wasn't drawn to it at age 9/10. I was introduced to cock play by older at 11 but still didn't take it up.
At about 13, after a late puberty, I did get involved with my friends from the boy scouts and we used to go camping in couples for the week end and have a good bit of exploring play. Then came the girls and later marriage.
It wasn't until I was very much older and the internet came along that I found a renewed interest in the prospect of playing with other males. Never had any inclination to engage in anal sex; or sucking as an active participant due to the health issues.
So, what that tells you in answer to your question, I don't know. Perhaps we are all different and find our way according to circumstances and what we fancy.

By lawrenceo at 15,Sep,19 05:20
I like to see a big pool of cum on a flat surface; collected together and not spread abroad

By lawrenceo at 15,Sep,19 05:18
Some great old cocks still in good fettle and regular action

By lawrenceo at 15,Sep,19 05:17
It is here to share

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:53
It being there and on offer!

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:53
I was 11 when someone first played with my cock and gave me an orgasm (dry).

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:52
It is all down to semantics and there are many differences in the use of words for sexual proclivities.

It is possible and probably quite frequently the case that a man will be happily married but who would play with another male's cock if the circumstances were right.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:49
Look in my gallery

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:48
Fucking a women in the missionary position.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:47
I had a friend who had just that sort of growth. On erection his cock was about 5 ins long but 3 ins wide (yes wide not circumference). I could hardly get my hand around it.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:45
Several when I was a youth but after marriage that all disappeared. So much more difficult when we get older than when we were young.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:43
Can't really remember but I had a late puberty so it would be around 13. I remember that the favourite question I was asked by other boys was: have you got any hair around it yet? If the answer was, 'yes' then you would by invited to show them. The next thing they asked was can I play with it.
Of course all they really wanted was to wank me off.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:40
Rarely at my age but this morning I had a good 3/4 on awakening but it went much less after a pee. If I had had easy access to some lube at that time I would have wanked off in bed.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:38
Sorry no pics and the shower is not strong enough for me now, even when on full jet. Up to about 20 years ago I could play the shower jet on my erect cock and bring up the spunk in 30 secs or so.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:35
Always and for ever

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:35
When I was a boy my best friend was about a year younger than I was and he had a small cut cock; probably about 2 ins erect. His was quite sensitive and as I was uncut, I wasn't used to playing with a cut cock and in those days and in my circle, oral hadn't been invented! That was a pity because I could have given him a gentler time.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:31
Open wide except if wanking whilst standing then everything falls free so it doesn't matter; unless of course I am directing my spunk somewhere lower, then may legs may be a bit apart for balance.

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:28
Sure did and all that followed

By lawrenceo at 09,Sep,19 03:37
Even so, when the right opportunity presents itself there is something unique in mutual masturbation over solo. Each male has to find a way to stimulate his buddy so that he ejaculates and that may be simple or difficult; either way it is an exciting adventure.

By lawrenceo at 08,Sep,19 10:14
Girl. Yet to have oral with a male.

By lawrenceo at 08,Sep,19 10:02
It has varied according to my age. When I first started, I did it daily. Later I could go as long as a month. Now I play daily but only orgasm about once every 3-4 weeks.

By lawrenceo at 08,Sep,19 09:57
In my younger days - yes. Sometimes when my wife was asleep next to me.

By lawrenceo at 08,Sep,19 09:55
At my age I prefer a male to do it.

By lawrenceo at 08,Sep,19 09:54
Two fingers and a thumb; mainly right handed unless using mouse. Only very occasionally will I use a full hand grip as my cock is only 5 ins.

By lawrenceo at 08,Sep,19 09:52
Straight on and ready

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 09:00
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By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:57
For me, shape and size. Prefer 6 ins or under (*) helmet head if uncut or sharp head if cut. If there is a curve, I prefer it to be up rather than down or laterally.

(*) My one exception is a long, thin penis. One that really takes on the aphorism-- pencil dick.

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:53
I am attracted to all old dicks, in any state from soft to fully erect and spunking

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:51
At my age I prefer man to man wanking

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:50
Use your web cam if you have one and take a still picture via the menu

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:49
Always liked to do doggy style (hetero) but still prefer missionary position. Doggy is OK for a very quick pants/knickers down job.

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:48
Definitely his penis; he can keep the rest covered if he likes.

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:46
I agree but with one exception—I do like to see a long thin cock especially when it is hanging soft.

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:45
I have always liked to see your penis and the size is good.

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:44
I was wanked for the first time when I was 11. I had not wanked myself by then. It took a time for the habit to develop but has been perpetual ever since

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:41
I agree, and not only watching but in practice

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:40
With difficulty if you are seeking a social friend as well as a buddy

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:39
The confusion arises when playing with another male cock is seen by some to be 'gay'. I have played with male cocks since I was a teen and I don't consider myself gay. I will watch some gay fucking but that is for visual stimulation and not to compartmentalise my sexuality.

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:36
I don't mind some finger/tongue rimming if he is wanking me off

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:34
It may be sexy but be careful and its not only STDs.

By lawrenceo at 31,Jul,19 16:25
You must have been lucky then. Some of the rechargeable ones, especially those that use a USB connection, lose their capacity quite quickly. I had one that after less than three weeks' moderate use, kept it's full on charge for less than a minute. No good for someone my age.

By lawrenceo at 31,Jul,19 03:23
Not when I am solo but might say a word or two if someone was rubbing my cock to orgasm.

By lawrenceo at 30,Jul,19 02:46
Yes, that is where it usually starts

By lawrenceo at 29,Jul,19 03:56
Prime reason is size; both of my cock and of my foreskin. Average cock (that is very small when soft) with a short foreskin. This means that if I don't shave or at least trim, my pubic hair gets trapped under the foreskin and that is not comfortable and needs to be attended to........which can be inconvenient.

By lawrenceo at 29,Jul,19 03:53
Always pleased to check in with SYD but my wanking is usually done when watching other sites.

By lawrenceo at 29,Jul,19 03:50
I like thick, average length cocks best of all. Love to see them here and in PMs.

By lawrenceo at 29,Jul,19 03:49
I always like to see a grower. It is good when posters show both soft and erect; and the stages in between.

By lawrenceo at 24,Jul,19 05:42
My fetish is to have a guy pretend he is asleep and then for me to find and play with his cock.