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The Halo (a game I'd like -- and not the Xbox one) 15,Jan,19 16:08


By Emerald at 02,Jun,20 17:49
So... four years down the road, are Dragon Age (Origins) and Skyrim still the best options if you enjoy games that include nudity, but still have a good story? If so, that's kind of sad. But perhaps it's just that I'm too busy to play games these days?

I do enjoy The Last Sovereign, which is an impressive game, without having impressive graphics. I've played Corruption of Champions, My Very Own Lith, XXXivilization and a couple of others, none of which feature stunning graphics. Surely there must be something else out there?

By Emerald at 22,May,20 16:22
I've been wanting to try geocaching, but I haven't got around to it yet.

What I would like is an app where, when you reach the cache location, you have to upload a nude pic of yourself in order to access the cache. You then get to browse the photos of everybody who's been there before you. When you leave, your photo will be added to the cache. Each spot would have specific instructions on how to take the photo.

Does anybody know if such an app already exists? Or do I have to make it?

By Emerald at 16,May,20 19:45

It shouldn't be done to anyone until they are old enough to provide informed consent, but that's another discussion.

By Emerald at 16,May,20 12:01
This is an interesting question. My foreskin was always long, and looser than I would have liked it to be. I was always able to pull it back. However, many of my school friends had equally long skins, but ended up with less overhang, or even a bit of knob peeping through, after puberty. My skin remains as long as ever, with the knob fully covered when erect.

The only difference I can think of is that I've always been careful to pull my skin all the way forwards after, uh, use. I've always wondered if that made a difference as I was growing.

By Emerald at 16,May,20 11:52
It would be interesting if the surgeon would sit there and wait for it to detach on its own. But he doesn't. He just tears it apart. There's nothing gentle about it, sadly.

By Emerald at 17,Feb,20 05:39
So... imagine you're in a hospital, sat on a paper-covered bench with your trousers around your ankles, and this green-gowned surgeon with a face mask and rubber gloves comes up to you with a tape measure and says "Please have an erection now!" How big would you manage to get?

Some guys would love it, of course. But still... 5.16 inches on average? That's pretty impressive, if you ask me!

By Emerald at 29,Jan,20 04:09
I'm CI-10, I guess, since there doesn't appear to be an 11.

By Emerald at 07,Aug,19 01:47
I'd be howling with laughter, but for the fact that I'm just over forty. This is seriously scary! I... think I'll stick with just howling, thank you!

By Emerald at 17,Jul,19 18:35
So beautiful!

By Emerald at 17,Jul,19 18:32
Oh, but that's easy. At least in my case, it is simply due to the way I measure. I have a slight foreskin fetish, so I couldn't imagine measuring with the skin pulled back. I am exactly and honestly 18.5 centimeters (7 something inches, isn't it?) measured along the top, to the tip of the skin.

You don't think I'm cheating by including the overhang, do you?

By Emerald at 24,Jun,19 18:59
Like taking selfies in a frying pan. Hehe! Thank you! Fortunately we've had the heating fixed since then.

By Emerald at 24,Jun,19 17:16

...comes with an ergonomically shaped grip, for easy handling.

By Emerald at 11,Mar,19 22:19
I stay covered! I find it hard to imagine how it would feel if it didn't.

By Emerald at 07,Jan,19 17:17

I figure there must be a reason our arms are precisely the right length to comfortably reach down there.

By Emerald at 05,Jan,19 22:31
Pulled back as hard as I could manage. I do this regularly, several times, in the hope of building some muscle (hey, it's cheaper than going to the gym). I've still got noodle-style biceps, though, so I should probably do it more often.

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By Emerald at 05,Jan,19 22:26
I found it!

By Emerald at 17,May,15 18:52
Well, sure I have chest hair. More specifically, I have *a* chest hair. One. I've thought about shaving it, but I didn't have the heart to. It looks so lonely.

By Emerald at 23,Apr,15 14:35
Hmm. What can you say? I don't know about my other wishes, but I know one of them would be that yours come true.

By Emerald at 12,Apr,15 16:33
I can certainly imagine you'd find that pretty annoying, yes, but apparently some people need to be told. Let's hope the message reaches them.

Also, thank you! I'll keep my avatar, then.

By Emerald at 11,Apr,15 11:42
On a site called "show your dick", someone sent you a picture of their... dick? Seriously?

Even so, I totally understand your reaction. On behalf of all of us primitive monkeys: sorry! I guess it's pretty easy to misunderstand the purpose of this site, isn't it?

And while we're on the subject: do you find my profile thumbnail offensive? Would you prefer that I change it?

By Emerald at 06,Apr,15 11:14
I hardly ever pull my skin back to pee. If I do, the frenulum pulls the knob down to some degree, and the final destination of the urine stream is... not quite predictable. I like to know whether I'm going to hit the roof or water my toes before I open the floodgates.

Outside, where accuracy is not an issue, it is a different matter. The stream is much stronger when retracted, so I am quite happy to pull the skin back and aim for the moon.

And for the record, I have a substantial overhang, soft and hard.

By Emerald at 04,Apr,15 04:53
I suspect Avillager is referring to studies that show that a buildup of smegma increases the risk of penile cancer, and cervical cancer in your partner. If so, it is a relatively small increase to an already tiny chance, so I would not be overly concerned about that. Even if the foreskin does not retract, it shouldn't be too difficult to prevent a buildup of smegma by flushing with water.

On the other hand, I believe there are also studies that show a circumcised penis suffers a significant loss of sensitivity. That might be more of a concern.

Considering the number of people who regret being circumcised (in most cases without their consent), I am not convinced that circumcision will make you happy.

I would definitely listen carefully to a doctor's advice. However, doctors are prone to cultural bias and personal opinion, just like anyone else. Don't let the doctor make the decision for you.

By Emerald at 04,Apr,15 04:24
My gut feeling is that perhaps you don't need to worry so much about the cleaning. Most ****, and many adults, have tight foreskins, and don't clean under the hood at all. They survive just fine. The glans is meant to be an internal organ, and you don't clean under your eyelids either, do you?

If you develop an odour that you find offensive, you might consider cleaning - but even then, killing off the natural flora of bacteria with an alcohol swab doesn't sound right to me (and could even be a source of odour in its own right). Holding the foreskin tip open in the shower to allow water to trickle between the hood and glans should be enough - and hopefully much less of a hassle.

If you're impatient with the stretching exercises, you might have better luck with stretching continuously, rather than just giving it the occasional tug. If you can find a hollow tube (such as a bit of rubber hose) that will fit inside the tip of your skin, you can leave it there all day. Once you get used to it, you might not even notice it's there. You can then gradually increase the diameter by wrapping tape around it.

Now, I suppose I am a little biased, since I like tight foreskins and think yours is beautiful the way it is. But for what it's worth, I hope you don't get yourself circumcised. In any case, best of luck!

By Emerald at 22,Jan,15 19:57
*bumps comment to the top of the pile*
*dashes for cover*

By Emerald at 03,Jan,15 23:47
My scumbag mind compels me to add:

17. Dive head-first through a vagina.

In fact, that should probably be one of the first things you do. I don't recommend doing it more than once, however...

My apologies if I just spoiled your 5, 7 and 8!

By Emerald at 06,Nov,14 14:20
Nei, så gøy! Det visste jeg ikke.

Denne typen rust trenger ikke å sandblåses; den kan derimot fjernes med litt øvelse. En kos og et kjærtegn når du gjør det riktig, og kanskje et lett dask på stumpen hvis du skriver feil?

That wasn't difficult, was it? No doubt everyone here understood perfectly. If not, I can always repeat it, just a bit louder.

By Emerald at 21,Aug,14 19:10
I have always had the impression that precum is there to keep the space between the head and foreskin moist, and allow the skin to slide back and forth easily. I find if I pull the foreskin back, the head dries out almost immediately, and there will be no more precum until I let it roll forwards again.

I first read about KY jelly and people using artificial lubrication when I got an internet connection. I was about 19 at the time. I do remember, however, when I was younger, a friend of mine thought I had come because I had so much precum. He had a naturally short foreskin which did not cover the head, so I suspect he did not get nearly as much of it as I did.

By Emerald at 09,Aug,14 18:50

I don't know about beautiful, but certainly uncut and erect...

By Emerald at 30,Jun,14 15:22
Why, I do seem to leak more than I used to. I suspect it has more to do with age than length. I am thinking about calling a plumber, in case I need a gasket replaced. Or perhaps I just have a screw loose somewhere?

In any case, a long skin does come in handy here. If I start feeling a bit slick after the moment of perfection, I can just go scrub with a bristle brush (or perhaps just dry the knob) before staining any piece of clothing I happen to be wearing.

By Emerald at 04,Jun,14 17:50
And that is precisely why I would have liked my skin to be tighter. Even if I didn't have orgasms before I was 7, I was certainly playing with it long before that. My skin always pulled back easily. I remember being proud of it, and only too happy to demonstrate.

It is quite remarkable how the mind does not distinguish between pain and pleasure down there, and stretching the skin can be pleasantly painful all at once. That has been a source of excitement and enjoyment ever since.

By Emerald at 01,Jun,14 20:33
You bet! It is as stretchy as chewing gum, and you can blow bubbles with it too. I actually wish it were tighter.

Docking is tricky, though, as the skin has to stretch around both your fingers, which you are using to pull it over, and the object it's trying to swallow. Perhaps someone has a better technique?

By Emerald at 11,May,14 17:40
While I am most certainly (ahem) intact, I can never remember having any smegma. In fact, until the Internet happened to me in my early twenties, I didn't even know what it was, and how preoccupied some people (ahem-mericans?) seem to be with it.

This despite the fact that I can't claim to have been overly preoccupied with hygiene in my teens. I did make a habit of wiping after an orgasm, however. Besides, I could never leave my little friend alone long enough for anything to accumulate...

By Emerald at 11,May,14 17:27
I do occasionally feel undead. Especially when I have to get up in the middle of the night and go to work. It's a good thing I'm too lazy to start the apocalypse.

On the other hand, I've never minded being called "uncircumcised". I suspect that's because I've never been in the minority, or been made to feel there's something wrong with my cock that needs fixing. If I had, I'd probably feel more strongly about it.

Do you suppose, if we started referring to circumcised men as "amputees", that they'd get the point and realise why we're uncomfortable with being "uncut"?

Mind you, I'm not suggesting we do. They'd probably be offended, and I'm far too lazy to offend anyone on purpose.

By Emerald at 02,May,14 18:40
Well, yes. I do come to this site to read about pussy. This one was more entertaining than I expected, though. Hehe!

I think what you need to do is mark your territory, so the felines know to stay away. Have you tried to do a cirquit of your property, urinating judiciously at strategic locations? I'm sure that would do the trick...

By Emerald at 02,May,14 18:21
Ooh! I was away for a few days, and came back to find this. Thank you! I couldn't have had a better welcome.

Looking back, I... didn't become president. I haven't won the lottery (yet). I didn't even become world champion of anything. But if somebody would eventually make a "biggest foreskin on site" thread, I might actually stand a chance of winning something for once.

I wonder if the local newspaper would run a story on that?

By Emerald at 26,Apr,14 13:56
Why on earth are you all assuming that horny50 meant this to be measured in inches, rather than number of haters?

Sadly, I don't qualify as the biggest dick around here, in either meaning. Biggest smart-ass, on the other hand...

18.5 centimeters, if you care about that sort of thing. Measured along the top, and including the foreskin tip (you're supposed to include that, right?).

By Emerald at 26,Apr,14 13:33
Well, I am partial to foreskins, and most especially long or tight ones. That's what brought me here in the first place. Yet this site, I have found, is so much more than that.

I love pictures that make me laugh. Pictures that make me go "What on earth is *that*?" Pictures that fire up my imagination, or make me think "Ooh, that's clever! I hadn't thought of that!"

I like to see the human body in all its shapes, from perfect to not-quite. Some pictures may turn me on, others perhaps not - but it's hard to know which ones will. Perfection is certainly not required.

Finally, I harbour a special respect for the girls that give us pictures of themselves, despite social pressure and all the other reasons not to. That courage and generosity often turns me on more than anything.

By Emerald at 26,Apr,14 12:52
I seem to fit that description.

Oh, and I'm very happy to see all the eye candy posted here. You are all beautiful!

By Emerald at 19,Apr,14 11:53
...and mosquitoes. Don't forget the mosquitoes.

"Ooh, baby..." *slaps arm* "'re so hot!" *squirms and scratches leg* "I just..." "BZZzzZZZ!" " the way you..." *waves arms frantically* "...look tonight!"

Other than that, the idea certainly has merit. Especially if I can make it all the way over to Stockholm some time.

Unless I just ruined the mood, of course.

By Emerald at 18,Apr,14 00:56
Japanese censorship laws, I believe.

The logic of it appears to be that seeing a naked human being in all its beauty will do nasty things to your mind. I don't know exactly what, and why anyone would think so. But then I am probably lost beyond rescue, considering the amount of non-pixellated human loveliness I have already been exposed to.

By Emerald at 18,Apr,14 00:45
Clothes have one very important advantage: you are far less likely to be arrested when wearing them. Still, that is about the only reason I ever saw for being dressed. That, and the fact that it's usually so cold around here that I'd freeze solid if I didn't wrap up to resemble the Michelin man.

By Emerald at 17,Apr,14 17:15
Well... it used to be, when I was young, that when a guy caught you staring at his junk, he'd spout steam out his ears and come at you intending to clobber you.

Small wonder if you were turned off by that.

In this enlightened age, and with the multitude of friendly inhabitants on this site, things are fortunately different. However, if you are turned off by my ghostly pale skin (I live in a country where the sun comes out about seven minutes a year) and my huge, wobbly potbelly that seems to have crept in while I wasn't looking, I can hardly blame you.

Luckily, when it comes down to it, personality is still more important than appearance. At least I like to cling to that illusion.

By Emerald at 16,Apr,14 16:06
Haha! Surely, you are just pulling my leg, sir!

Then again, I am also busily pulling my third leg. No doubt it will be longer before you know it.

By Emerald at 15,Apr,14 17:00
Is mine long enough to qualify?

Perhaps I need to go and (mmmmh!) stretch it a bit...

By Emerald at 14,Apr,14 09:24
The head? Hmm... where did it go, I wonder? I'm sure I left it in here *somewhere*!

By Emerald at 24,Mar,14 21:03
I live in Norway, of all places: a frozen wasteland at the top of Europe, so far from civilization that nobody would come and play with me even if I looked like Michelangelo's David (and I don't). If you get hard at the nude beach here, it's because your pride and joy has frozen solid and turned into an icicle. At least the polar bears like to nibble my foreskin...

By Emerald at 22,Feb,14 23:28
Well, my foreskin stays all the way over the head when hard, so as far as I'm concerned, that's perfectly normal. I can't speak for other people, though - but until it's announced on the 7 o' clock news that foreskins are henceforth required to retract on erection, I'm going to stick with normal.

Even if your skin is so tight that you can't pull it back all the way, there are so many with similarly shaped cocks and foreskins that I am inclined to say that this is a normal variation too. Perhaps a more interesting question is whether it causes you any discomfort. If so, there are probably an abundance of people out there who would just love to give it some gentle exercise to stretch it. Tight foreskins are hot!

By Emerald at 22,Feb,14 22:41
I have been lucky, then, as I have met only sensible people and kind words here.

If the messages you have been getting aren't what you came here to deal with, then I wouldn't feel bad about ignoring them. It may not be very polite, but surely more so than if you were to tell them how you really feel? There are probably plenty of other things you could spend your time doing in order to help turn this site into what you want it to be.

By Emerald at 03,Jan,14 23:27
I am not sure that my story counts, but I'll give it a shot:

In my early twenties, I was stuck at university, and would do practically anything to avoid studying. Such as going for a walk in the mountains. It being summer, I could think of no reason to wear clothes, so I wasn't. I had found a tree which split at just the right height, and would pull my foreskin back quite firmly when I put my cock in the crack and leaned on it. Taking advantage of this, I was spanking my denuded cock with a twig. This is all perfectly, um, normal... right?

I discovered that slapping the offending cock from underneath was more effective, as the twig would hit the tightly strained frenulum, causing all kinds of interesting sensations. I might have got a little carried away, but it was definitely worth it!

Not surprisingly, the frenulum ended up being a bit sore for a few days, a fact I was brutally reminded of every time I peed. Also, I discovered that the foreskin would no longer pull back until it lay smooth along the shaft (which I had always been able to do before), as the frenulum had shortened just a little.

This excited me greatly, and I pulled out a wooden board which just happened to have a hole precisely the right size to grip my cock and pull the skin back tightly when I lay on top of it. I may have gained a few pounds since then, but gravity was still very effective. As I was enjoying the feeling, all of a sudden I felt a little pop, and sank a fraction of an inch deeper into the hole.

There's a smiley here that pretty much describes my reaction:

As it turned out, the frenulum had torn just a little bit, causing a tiny cut. It didn't hurt much (except for being sore for another couple of days), and there was no ****. When it had healed, the cut was practically invisible, and the skin would once again pull back all the way.

I don't think I'd recommend this way of cutting the frenulum, as you have no control of the depth of the resulting cut. On the other hand, a friend of mine had his too-short frenulum cut by a doctor, and despite a numbing cream being used, he described it as the most painful thing he had ever done. I think a few weeks of persistent, gentle stretching would be a better solution.

This turned out awfully long, didn't it? Sorry about that, and best of luck!
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Um, do you see the **** bit up there, too? I do believe I got censored. I simply meant to say that my wood did not leak any of the red sap. Which is a good thing, right?

By Emerald at 03,Jan,14 22:05
Any time!

I just wish I could remember more about it myself. The mind can be terribly frustrating at times! I can remember with perfect clarity the closet we used to tuck ourselves away in, and the exact shape and size of the green flashlight that we used in there (and which I was very proud of). However, the exact shape and size of his thingy now eludes me. It wasn't green, that's all I know.

I believe the reason why the episode has stuck in my memory at all, is the fact that as we were playing with our action superhero figures ("dolls", albeit accurate, just sounds wrong), mine happened to fall from a drawer. I exclaimed, "Oh! He hurt his pecker!" And my friend, with a great deal of exasperation, replied, "Can't you think of something else for a change?"

This, apparently, was such a shocking notion to my young mind that I still remember it to this day. Why on earth would I want to think of something else, when peckers were so much fun?

Anyway, as far as I remember, and as the exchange implies, we had been playing with our peckers together on many occasions, both in the closet and outdoors. I am still waiting for my memory to give me back the details of what happened, though.