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By dgraff 12,Apr,21 09:16
Absolutely I have plenty of steel ball bearing at the shop

By dgraff 12,Apr,21 07:25
Yeah right an atheist like you believes you have a savior
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If you stepped foot in a church ⛪️ it would burst into flames 🔥

By dgraff 12,Apr,21 07:05
That junk from harbor freight wouldnít last a week at the shop there just not industrial grade there ok if youíre just using them a couple times a year

By dgraff 12,Apr,21 05:44
I now pronounce you un American I cast thee out of the fine state of Florida and send you back to Russia 🇷🇺 were you came from you commie fuck or maybe Russia is to good for you how about the Ukrain or maybe the polish people would appreciate your commie ways

By dgraff 12,Apr,21 05:35
You should talk about being a cheat miss I had multiple accounts at one time and have in the past posted internet pictures and have photo shopped many pictures or should we ask lixsipsucket

By dgraff 11,Apr,21 08:29
You Democrats only make up 32 percent in the United States so quit trying to fuck every thing up for every one else go to the UK were you might be welcome or maybe go to that dust bowl Australia were you can be happy with out making us gun owners miserable 😖

By dgraff 10,Apr,21 22:13
Hahaha now ainít this som shit

By dgraff 10,Apr,21 21:58
Thatís funny markis my mans mother lives in Pennsylvania and has never worked a day in her life she lives off our government and so does her mother they all live in the same house all collecting benefits and food stamps with a boyfriend of the mothers living there and working making 20 dollars an hour this pisses me off and causes problems between me and Markis
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And another thing if you fucking liberals want to live in a country where there are no guns then go the fuck to the UK to live and donít let the door hit you in the ass on your way out guns have been in this country since the 1600s long before libtards so if you donít love living here the way it is then get the fuck out
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God damn dumb ass blonds
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Yes Iím drunk and Iím unloading on all your dumb shit at one time

By dgraff 10,Apr,21 21:50
Yeah I guess youíre right but I had my problem after 50

By dgraff 10,Apr,21 21:48
Fuck that open our schools but close our borders Iím sick of this nonsense

By dgraff 10,Apr,21 21:41
Any person can fall ill when I was younger I thought I was 10 foot tall and bulletproof but when I reached my 50s I realized I had problems going on nothing to be ashamed of it happens

By dgraff 10,Apr,21 08:30
Yes I agree I to await your explanation

By dgraff 09,Apr,21 13:50
Itís the exact replica of the emblem off the super bee 🐝

By dgraff 09,Apr,21 11:10
Iíve been collecting them since Iím 12 some people trade me their guns for garage work hell I even traded a boat for garage work some times even sex

By dgraff 09,Apr,21 11:06
Iím all for them becoming a state then they have to pay taxes just like me

By dgraff 09,Apr,21 09:27
Thatís just crazy I have a lot of money tied up in my gun collection to the tune of 100,000.00 dollars they are insured for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars so they are not just taking them but if the price was right I would consider selling them to our government
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A quarter of a million and they can take them all

By dgraff 09,Apr,21 09:21
Oops our mistake
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Oh thank you for the history lesson I must have fell asleep in history class that day

By dgraff 09,Apr,21 07:27
What do our veterans have to do with Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

By dgraff 09,Apr,21 03:23
Yeah ainít that some shit

By dgraff 08,Apr,21 21:32
Absolutely and the United States were the suckers

By dgraff 08,Apr,21 21:24
It couldnít have been his fault he was rich and black it must have been the guns fault
Were was officer chavin when we needed him he was qualified to handle that situation one well placed knee at a time

By dgraff 08,Apr,21 08:59
Hahaha count on it

By dgraff 08,Apr,21 08:57
Ha I can just picture sleepy joe and auntie kam out shopping for new curtains and a new comforter for her bed and I bet she pushes him through the store in a wheelchair

By dgraff 08,Apr,21 06:59
Of course you do realize candy that I pick topics that I know infuriate you then I respond with answers that wind you up and send you into a tail spin then I sit back in my chair and laugh my ass off I donít mean any thing by it itís just me Iíve always been a bit of an instigator

By dgraff 07,Apr,21 20:40
You must be taking about anal licker he thinks he knows everything about everything

By dgraff 07,Apr,21 19:47
Thank you thank you donít be great full just throw money at me
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Dirty deeds done dirt cheep

By dgraff 07,Apr,21 08:48
No but I sure will

By dgraff 07,Apr,21 08:47
First of all who said anything about the Puerto Ricanís second I sleep with one every weekend third the Pennsylvania state police have some of the best training in the world and fourth I donít ever wish to shoot any one I would much rather beat the shit out of them with the but of the pistol you know mar their face up so bad you canít tell if there a man or an alien thereís more self gratification that way

By dgraff 07,Apr,21 03:20

By dgraff 06,Apr,21 20:41

By dgraff 06,Apr,21 20:41
No a Howard Dewey button

By dgraff 06,Apr,21 07:06
Kick that viruses 🦠 ass Bella

By dgraff 05,Apr,21 21:43
Iím picturing you sitting at the bottom of the dike with your finger in the leaky hole you seam to think you know a whole lot about my country with out ever coming here and seeing for your self so tell me what makes your country so great Iím told it sucks over there you people are so third world your riding bicycles yet you do know that the automobile was invented way back in the late 1800s

By dgraff 05,Apr,21 21:01
Got my new concealed weapons permit in the mail today Iím good for another 5 years
And for the gun haters they donít just give them to just any one I go through a Truro background check the sheriff that conducted the background check was impressed that a private citizen would go through the same weapons training that the Pennsylvania state police go through

By dgraff 05,Apr,21 19:58
Hi mike what up brother

By dgraff 05,Apr,21 09:54
Up north we eat steak 🥩 eggs and home fries for breakfast

By dgraff 05,Apr,21 09:48
Those numbers you keep throwing at us is so blown out of proportion itís pathetic I know they are writing up every death as a Covid-19 death yep this man was hit by a bus yep thatís a Covid-19 death this woman had a massive heart attack yep thatís a Covid-19 death the Good Samaritan hospital has the door locked and the lights out because there is no one in that ward so if Iím an idiot for not buying in to this Covid-19 thing just because our government says so then so be it
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Ps I do believe itís real but not to the extent they say

By dgraff 05,Apr,21 07:32
I have no problem with getting it but put up with the bother they will have to call me and tell me that they are coming to my house to give me the shot

By dgraff 05,Apr,21 07:30
I think itís a form of population control it will make men sterile

By dgraff 04,Apr,21 05:05
Hahaha nice 👍

By dgraff 03,Apr,21 06:09
Thatís very nice of you candy Bella will make a full recovery on her own she is a strong woman who has not abused her body with foolish things like cigarettes

By dgraff 03,Apr,21 06:03
Fuck that if I ever seen any one clubbing any animal I would take that club and club them
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I put a younger man in the hospital for kicking his dog one time

By dgraff 01,Apr,21 11:37
An old Marine saying
Kill them all and let God sort them out
Semper fi

By dgraff 01,Apr,21 10:48
For now Iím fine I have no children or grandkids and after the last time I was in the hospital I vowed I would never 👎 go again I would rather sit in my chair turn the tv on and quietly wait to die then go through the hassle of fighting with insurance companies and hospitals and the other things are royaltyís I could live with out up were I live if I died tomorrow it might be months till Iím even found so Iím not really dependent on my government and I do my best to screw them over every chance I get
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As they screwed me over every chance they get

By dgraff 01,Apr,21 06:44
Itís not my country my country consists of 22 acres of mountain top were I make the rules and Iím the law and from any point I can see for miles so if any one comes up here I know about it way before they get here
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As long as I keep the property taxes paid they leave me alone

By dgraff 01,Apr,21 05:44
As an animal lover I was more than happy to vote to delete the sonís a bitch

By dgraff 01,Apr,21 05:37
Who cares anal licker

By dgraff 30,Mar,21 11:41
I have no idea but I can guarantee you that I have no interest in any thing down south way to hot for me and I donít like grits and I m not old enough to retire

By dgraff 30,Mar,21 10:27
I remember it well Fidel Castro called it the Mariel boat lift he freed all his prisoners pointed to Florida and said fly be free then some how they ended up in fort Indian town gap not 10 miles from my house and the filthy fuckers were climbing up on the barrix and jacking off right by the main road they would also escape at night then you would see helicopters flying around with search lights looking for them

By dgraff 29,Mar,21 21:57
Iím watching Americaís most wanted a dark skinned man robs a 7/11 convenience store heís young and very dumb heís wearing his shirt on his face revealing many tattoos including a Cuban flag 🇨🇺 gee do you think it could be one of those wonderful Cubans that candy thinks contribute so much to the Florida area this happened in Tampa