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By dgraff at 25,Jan,21 21:33
Yep I knew this would happen it does every time

By dgraff at 25,Jan,21 21:29
Hahaha Iím using a 1979 c 70 Chevy roll back but I can move a house to get to the car behind it

By dgraff at 25,Jan,21 21:07
Nice 👍 being a repo man is tough I repo carís and trucks for my bank you would not believe some of the encounters you get your self in to

By dgraff at 25,Jan,21 14:04
Iím just having fun thinking about Kamala Harris licking Nancy Pelosi pussy

By dgraff at 25,Jan,21 07:30
Hahaha so you like my prediction it sure amused the hell out of me thatís some funny shit

By dgraff at 25,Jan,21 07:21
Hahaha 😝 thatís great

By dgraff at 25,Jan,21 06:20
I to have a few predictions
1 joe Biden will fall asleep during the world peace talks and crap 💩 his pants in front of all the other countryís leaders
2 Kamala Harris will have old joe committed to a nursing home were he will contact Covid-19 and die of lung complications
3 Kamala Harris will take over as president were she will dump that lump of a husband she is with
4 Kamala Harris will marry Nancy Pelosi and the two of them will live happily ever after as they lick each otherís pussies and plot how they can further fuck up the world

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 22:20

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 16:59
Hahaha 😝 best picture i ever seen of our dear friend lix

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 16:06
LMAO I wish I could have seen that picture and would you have been able to tell lix from the big foot or ape 🦍 or what ever it was
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There has been a sighting

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 11:02
Hahaha 😝 I think she is over 300 but who is counting

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 08:01
I would put it in my tax free investments it only taxed if I pull some out I started out with 50.000 4 years ago and it is doing well Iím an old miser and spend very little on my self most everything I spend on involves making money 💰

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 07:27
Every Saturday and Sunday I watch fishing shows on the discovery channel my question is. Is it possible to go fishing in places like the Florida keys Alaska or the Great Lakes and not catch any thing I understand that sometimes it takes weeks to catch enough fish to make the fishing show

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 07:20
Hell even a million would be nice

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 07:12
Hahaha funny I was thinking the same thing

By dgraff at 24,Jan,21 07:08
I wonder if her boy toy knows just how many dating sites you can find her on

By dgraff at 22,Jan,21 22:25

By dgraff at 22,Jan,21 22:02
I liked scorps I use to show him pictures of my gun collection and my reloading room his exact words were damn are you thinking of invading a small country or an island my reply was well maybe the Hawaiian island

By dgraff at 22,Jan,21 07:36
I didnít see anything

By dgraff at 22,Jan,21 05:33
Hey hey chalk one up for sleepy joe I can sleep better knowing he is now funding isis
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What a joke he is

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 18:22
Sheís a beautiful woman I voted for her a couple times my self

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 14:40
by her handle bar mustache

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 13:47
Hahaha 😝

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 11:33
No not at all you and I donít always agree but I still consider you a dear friend of mine

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 06:42
I betcha it about killed lix to side with my vote just to bother you

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 06:13
Absolutely agreed

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 05:08
I seen both of her votes and comments she is definitely having hot flashes

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 04:42
I was at a biker rally years ago and was abducted by aliens and they played with my genitalia I later found out it was a biker gang called women in the wind

By dgraff at 21,Jan,21 04:33
Absolutely and me thinks she directed some of her hostility towards me because I vote strictly on the way the reporting member presented to me any way thank you lix I knew you would see it my way

By dgraff at 20,Jan,21 20:30
He told me that he must spend his time preparing for the new world

By dgraff at 20,Jan,21 10:24
Thatís true

By dgraff at 19,Jan,21 21:11
Worse I think at least so far

By dgraff at 19,Jan,21 20:14
Lix if the fat bitch would ever leave us

By dgraff at 19,Jan,21 20:07
Iím so dumbfounded by the craziness this year I canít even talk about it no wonder I drink

By dgraff at 19,Jan,21 08:59

By dgraff at 19,Jan,21 06:00
He had black listed me a long time ago but I think he received a direct order to lift it because through him lix could keep her eye on me

By dgraff at 19,Jan,21 05:00
I wasnít sure either so I just added my 2 cents to the pot

By dgraff at 18,Jan,21 20:14
Aussie man has one

By dgraff at 18,Jan,21 20:12
He will be in a nursing home before his term is up

By dgraff at 18,Jan,21 20:09
what a little panty waist

By dgraff at 18,Jan,21 17:06
Make it disappear walrus blubber burns quite well in my drain oil furnace at least turn it into heat

By dgraff at 18,Jan,21 06:39
Oh I never seen one before
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I measure my activity in repetitions

By dgraff at 18,Jan,21 05:39
Not sure what Iím looking for just what is a Fitbit

By dgraff at 18,Jan,21 05:28
Are we still harping about this shit itís over give it a rest most of us are sick of it

By dgraff at 17,Jan,21 22:30
Sorry Iím still laughing at skittles post

By dgraff at 17,Jan,21 22:16

By dgraff at 17,Jan,21 18:11
Absolutely you have to be in it for the long haul I take better care of muggsy then I take care of my self

By dgraff at 17,Jan,21 13:18
Now you made me hungry for pickled chicken livers and gizzards

By dgraff at 17,Jan,21 13:12
Hahaha not if she was the last woman on this site
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In fact if she wasnít on the best image member bid I would be voting on the menís side

By dgraff at 17,Jan,21 10:37
Hahaha 😝 not a snow balls chance in hell