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By Asphaltcowboy at 24,Dec,18 13:54
I like that

By Asphaltcowboy at 28,Feb,18 07:06
I was at a friends house watching tv the show got to a sex scene and I started to get hard. I asked him if I could stroke my cock right there and he said seriously I did yes he said ok he didnít care. So I stripped naked so he could see me and started stroking my little cock. He started chuckling and said itís kind of small I said thatís what my wife says. I guess he was fine with it cuz he pulled his big cock out and started stroking it.

By Asphaltcowboy at 07,Mar,15 23:02
no ball spanking but love having the head of my dick whipped

By Asphaltcowboy at 07,Mar,15 22:59
Very nice life time experience

By Asphaltcowboy at 07,Mar,15 22:52
may be a part of that is right, but we know we have a little dick and being embarrass about it is a real feeling. We know the girl is not lying about are little dick so your just stuck embarrassed in front of her.

By Asphaltcowboy at 07,Mar,15 16:49
Rock Hill, Sc

By Asphaltcowboy at 08,Jul,14 00:14
I like it when Im tied up standing and gaged fully nude and spanked till I cry and then get my dick whipped to make me cry harder. My wife does this to me and she lets her friends do it to. they laugh at my little dick and I love it.
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well my birthday is coming up and I told my Wife I want her friend Teresa to tie me up and humiliate me about my little dick and whip me till I cry. Great birthday present.

By Asphaltcowboy at 11,Jun,13 14:41
My wife and I had a hot guy with an 8 1/2" cock last week.i have a little dick 4 1/2" hard. I sucked him hard and then he stuck it in my wife's hole pumped her 4 times and then I stuck it in her and pumped her 4 times. We did this about 5 times each until my wife just started laughing when I would put it in her and mounting with joy at his. I then watched him fuck her good and hard as she told me what a little dick I had in front of him. I loved it. He fucked her all night an I sucked him hard every time.

By Asphaltcowboy at 11,Jun,13 14:31
I like being told I have a little pee pee

By Asphaltcowboy at 11,Jun,13 14:29
I like to be bottom and get it really hard

By Asphaltcowboy at 07,Apr,13 21:42
I have a very little dick. Especially when I'm soft. I like my little dick and love to be laughed at by women.

By Asphaltcowboy at 31,Dec,12 07:20
I really have a little .sometimes it's 1 1/2" soft and it's only 4" hard. My wife says I have a little dick,cuz she knows I like it. She even tells her friends. She had me strip and go take a cold shower cuz her girlfriend was coming over an her girlfriend was going to measure my little cold dick. It was. 1 3/4" soft so I stroke it hard for them and she measured it @ 4" hard they tied me up and whipped my ass and dick till I was crying. That was they best.cant wait again.

By Asphaltcowboy at 31,Dec,12 04:26
Rate my little one

By Asphaltcowboy at 10,May,12 14:57
I do also have a little pee pee 4.5"