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me pissing, like to be watched
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love to be naked, i`m a exhibitionist and like people look at my pierced cock

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i do too and i`m able to lick my cock head

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mhh, yes, my ex liked it, often been in a porn cinema with GH

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i love to be nude outdoors, specially in summer and on nude beaches! first time on nude beach i felt a little nervous and sat down with swimming shorts on. after a while, lying in the hot sun, i slowly and shy put ma shorts away and it felt fantastic! i saw other people looking at me, while walking and i looked at them - i felt good! after a while i stood up and walked to the water - passing some nude people - and felt the water on my naked body! WONDRFUL! now i offen go to nude beaches and that`s why i love the summer!

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great story! i`ve done it too in a bookstore with glory holes: i sucked a cock coming through the hole till he came in my mouth. after that he has gone and a little later a new gay sticks his cock through the hole - i grabbed his cock, squeezed his balls and sucked him hard till he cum in my mouth! after he had gone, a third man entered the stall behind the hole: but he sticks his toungue out and i let him blow my cock till i came in his mouth

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love your fantasy and the best: i`ve done!! been in a sex shop with GH in the stall on each side. i put my cock into one hole and got a really well blow. i saw a cock in the other hole and gave him a blow while someone stick his finger in my ass. after that he fucked me hard and i took a great load cum in my mouth

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stimmt alles, was du sagst, fühle auch so

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one of my pics - like the feeling more wax

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