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05,Apr,18 01:35
Ok, thank you Lush.

02,Apr,18 22:53
Why thank you dear.

01,Apr,18 16:35
Happy Easter back to you!

26,Mar,18 18:01
Wow...and thank you very much. What kind of camera do you have?

26,Mar,18 06:10
Now THAT is sure to bring me luck! Thank you!

25,Mar,18 00:44

24,Mar,18 23:49
Lovely. May I ask which program you use to make the colors pop like that?

24,Mar,18 04:19
Well thank you. Back then, I was -maybe- mildly, somewhat passable. Marginally. Now, not so much.

23,Mar,18 22:47
Looks a bit like actress Kay Lenz, to me.

23,Mar,18 19:48
Thank you for that chocolate bunny! Happy Easter!

22,Mar,18 02:18
L.O.L. Thank you my friend.

20,Mar,18 00:36
Thank you dear! I hope you had a GREAT St. Patrick's Day!

17,Mar,18 19:50
Happy St. Patrick's Day.

17,Mar,18 19:47
Awww, thanks! :-) Kind!

17,Mar,18 19:47
Happy St. Patrick's Day, my friend!

17,Mar,18 19:45
Happy St. Patrick's Day, lovely girl! (Or woman, whichever you prefer!)

16,Mar,18 02:44
Seriously...was that a present from Alex Blue?

09,Mar,18 23:14
Well nothing wrong with that...brunette hair is gorgeous, too. I admire and love all colors of hair.

09,Mar,18 14:06
HEY, thanks a lot for that popcorn!

04,Mar,18 18:01
Great figure. I'm glad to see you're out having loads of fun. "Loads" as in your man's loads, of course. Har.

01,Mar,18 15:03
Gorgeous woman. Happy site anniversary!

24,Feb,18 01:35
Wow. Pretty colors in this photo.

24,Feb,18 01:27
So interesting. Thanks for posting these. Is there any chance at all we can see some of your European vacation pictures?

23,Feb,18 05:17
Awww, :-) you're both constantly so outstandingly kind indeed!

:-) Warm best wishes for you both, always.