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13,Jul,18 09:28
Thank you ma'am! *hat tip*

Very nice of you to say.

03,Jul,18 01:54
HEH! Look at that carrot go!

11,May,18 18:44
Thanks for the beer, my friend!

10,May,18 06:15
Just curious...have you ever been to California?

09,May,18 03:06
You have yourself a very gorgeous woman, there.

29,Apr,18 18:27
Thank you for the lovely bottle of fine wine!

26,Apr,18 01:25

26,Apr,18 01:24
I have been wanting that chocolate cake piece...THANK YOU!!

25,Apr,18 23:47
Is that polare?

16,Apr,18 19:28
All filled-up, just like you like it!

05,Apr,18 01:35
Ok, thank you Lush.

01,Apr,18 16:35
Happy Easter back to you!

26,Mar,18 18:01
Wow...and thank you very much. What kind of camera do you have?

26,Mar,18 06:10
Now THAT is sure to bring me luck! Thank you!

25,Mar,18 21:03
Such a high-quality girl!