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By Ravioli_Max [Ignore] at 05,Jun,16 19:28   Pageviews: 110

Bums and their Bum Huts. I may sound insensitive calling them "bums", but around here homelessness is a choice since they could choose to use their handout money from the government (taxpayers, really) to get a room instead of spending it on liquor and drugs. I bet their welfare or SSI money would be enough to get a room in a hotel downtown for the month then when they get paid again, rent for another month and never be homeless. Also there are shelters and applications for Section 8 as well...Section 8 approval would get them into an apartment. Anyway, my nice neighborhood now has some bums in it and the problem I have with them is the trash they're leaving around everywhere, and lots of it...you wouldn't believe the trash around here now.

They find bushes and turn them into little rooms, sometimes hanging up pieces of cloth to make "walls" and one bum made and left a sign hung up in his little bum nest or bum fort saying, "Leave my shit, the fuck alone." I should take pictures of the trash along the way during the walk I often take to a restaurant and store area. It's really disgusting and there's so much of it. Also, they shouldn't be making themselves at home in the bushes around here because several months ago a sign was put up notifying people that "Round Up" was sprayed around there. Round Up has a cancer-causing chemical(s) in it and you should never walk around in it or lie down/sit where it's been sprayed.

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By kebmo [Ignore] at 25,Apr,18 15:52
If we as a society had better care and treatment for mentally ill and addicted people we would have a start.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 27,Aug,16 05:53
we have a lot of home less here too, they set up camp right in front of central station in Sydney...our problem is mental, lots of mental hospitals closed and they just threw them out on the street to fend for themselves, without a home they cant claim welfare here, you need an address, so they search through bins for left over food and pick up ciggy bumpers off the footpath to smoke, some just ask for money from passers by, they have 'swags' which is like a small tent with a built in mattress for sleeping that city mission gives them, but its such a hard problem to solve, family doesn't help, or even know where they are l think and its a shame to see such human waste, with the right meds most could be functioning humans again...*lix*

By bella! [Ignore] at 05,Jun,16 22:59
Are there any local ordinances in place regarding people actually living on the street? I cannot imagine that your city is any different from cities in Michigan, what about the local churches and Salvation Army, isn't there some program that they offer the indigent people in your area? My issue regarding government money/assistance programs are that for some, this IS their way of life and there's no reason to be a productive citizen.
By Ravioli_Max [Ignore] at 06,Jun,16 03:50
I wish the police would send them on their way. I can't understand why they don't simply get a big bag and throw all their trash into the bag. So simple. I should take snapshots of all that trash up there they're the cause of, and post those...disgusting. And whoever eventually has the job of cleaning up their trash better be very careful because you know there's likely syringes around and Leilani when she looked inside one of the Bum Huts thought she could see something white in there soaked with what looked like a big amount of b.l.o.o.d. Where they're defecating, I don't know-it could be there near their Bum Rooms they made.
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 08,Jun,16 16:29
If they are all spaced out,keeping rubbish in a bag is the least of their worries.Where do the police move them too ?
And if it's so dangerous to be around the bums and their mess,why go snooping ?

Back to your original blog,don't be naive to homelessness,and how it can happen and why.

By Ravioli_Max [Ignore] at 09,Jun,16 14:20
Out here they get enough money for free, to be able to not be homeless and to eat. They get free medical care, too. I only mentioned -some- of the sources they have for free money. I didn't even mention Food Stamps (Snap card, or EBT card) or SSDI which is different from SSI, (and if they're not on SSI, SSDI, military benefits, etc., they can get General Relief, also known as Welfare) all the other free food available to them as well, soup kitchens, food pantries/food banks, crisis centers, church outreaches, The Salvation Army, and yes in San Francisco and Oakland there are many, many hotels for extremely low income people that rent by the day, by the week, and by the month. There're also shelters, detox centers, sober living group homes, and mental wards.

To answer your question, I do not know where the police would move them to. Possibly to a homeless shelter. I wish what the police would actually do is make them clean up their messes they made. For all I know, maybe the police do try to make them do that sometimes, and tell them if they don't do it they'll be ticketed for littering...some of their waste is a biohazard. I'm sick of this shit in my neighborhood. It used to be clean up the street before they arrived.

They are choosing to instead use their money to buy drugs, beer, and hard liquor. I was up that way again very recently and there are beer cans all over the place there now. Not shocking they do this and no surprise there, and I shouldn't have to look at their "mile long" stream of trash or step in it.

They might have syringes lying around where people like to walk, ride bikes, and go stargazing. They've pretty much taken over a bench Leilani and I used to like to sit on so she can rest when walking back home and also where she likes to stargaze. You don't have to go snooping to come in contact with their dirty white rags (napkins, Kleenex tissues, or paper towels) and strips of toilet paper because they blow over to the sidewalk or are dropped right on the sidewalk. And as far as looking into their Bum Hut goes, (one of them) yes when you notice a sign they put up in there, you get curious to see what it says. I posted a picture of it.

I don't see why it's too much to ask that they throw their trash into trash bags. You have no conception of how far out their trash stretches along-it's not confined to just one small area.

Also come to think of it, a while back...up the street but going in the opposite direction-up by another grocery store and by some restaurants, other bums (or maybe it was these same bums, I don't know) trashed the area there too with garbage strewn everywhere within a space between the sidewalk and the back of a building and caked big amounts of shit right on the wall. They saw that wall as their toilet. Maybe kids would think it's funny, to see shit packed onto the wall in plain view from someone taking shits on it but I can do without it.
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 09,Jun,16 16:08
It's not free,welfare is for those that need it,someone always pays for it,churches and charities rely on donations...
The problem is affordable housing....subsidised housing messes it up...landlords can charge what they like for shitty premises...slumlords are a massive problem too...

Speak to some of the 'bums' and ask them the problems they face and how they ended up in their current predicament,it's very rarely a black and white story....support networks are difficult to find when you've reached rock bottom in life.

They cannot choose if they are addicted to a substance that's the nature of addiction...most homeless are highly intelligent,it's just when they needed help,no one listened.
Then there are mental health issues,if it's too expensive to care for mentally ill people they normally end up on the streets or in prison...

It's more about how they've messed up 'your' part of town than solving a world wide problem...

Make a visit to your local homeless shelter 'at night' and see how the reality is,100's of people fighting over limited spaces,then if they do get a bed for the night/week etc they are surrounded by mentally ill,addicts etc....how are they gonna **** with all that 'activity' they might be lucky and get a room,most times it's a dorm room with twenty others....not the best place to try to get some rest....

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