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Entree   by -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 23,Jan,20 09:00  [X]

HotWife45 - How it all started   by HotWife45 at 23,Jan,20 06:58  [X]

I can not get a enough dick   by Cockslut66 at 22,Jan,20 22:37  [X]

My secret   by curiousguy760 at 22,Jan,20 21:05  [X]

Straight Guys Showing their Ass   by Freddy at 22,Jan,20 17:20  [X]

SYD Best Member Month-February   by Freddy at 22,Jan,20 15:35  [X]

Picked as a Professional Porn Star   by Arianalyn at 22,Jan,20 10:06  [X]

Nice swap today   by Jakobian at 21,Jan,20 23:21  [X]

faith   by SrCums at 21,Jan,20 23:08  [X]

Wife, Big Cock and Big Strap ons   by DCH45 at 21,Jan,20 20:43  [X]

Rat of the Month-January/Contest update   by Freddy at 21,Jan,20 08:59  [X]

cock and start   by milkohioman at 21,Jan,20 07:55  [X]

First Contact & Deep handshake!   by bustyman44dd at 21,Jan,20 05:16  [X]

Mature Blondes Photo Journey   by Joescafe at 21,Jan,20 04:30  [X]

Friends list   by Clouds87 at 21,Jan,20 00:21  [X]

Big Rat of January 20th 2020   by Freddy at 20,Jan,20 17:31  [X]

You guys rock!   by playpal456 at 20,Jan,20 16:58  [X]

eating ass   by gaypig67 at 20,Jan,20 14:56  [X]

find me a cock   by colin7ins at 20,Jan,20 12:30  [X]

EinTraum   by ajan71 at 20,Jan,20 11:07  [X]

Shhhh my secret 😁😁   by Hardcock760 at 20,Jan,20 09:49  [X]

Yours chocolatey stuff (;   by notynyt at 20,Jan,20 09:09  [X]

hi baby iv been away but im back now if you want to see me and my new toys   by Jennyboy at 20,Jan,20 04:11  [X]

How I discovered this site   by uncut46 at 19,Jan,20 10:47  [X]

New group   by *thick6inches at 19,Jan,20 08:37  [X]

Thick Dick Group   by Redworm1963 at 19,Jan,20 01:02  [X]

Been away from the site for a while   by up-for-it at 18,Jan,20 18:29  [X]

Message for Twowarmtts! AKA Saggy Granny   by Freddy at 18,Jan,20 16:43  [X]

Brauche Poppers   by Julian at 17,Jan,20 18:50  [X]

The Alien.   by bustyman44dd at 17,Jan,20 18:10  [X]

SYD best member of January-contest update   by Freddy at 17,Jan,20 17:45  [X]

Two Younger Guys and One Long Cock   by mrsubmissive at 17,Jan,20 13:28  [X]

an unsere freunde   by mywusch at 17,Jan,20 10:56  [X]

My second time   by Lovescock at 17,Jan,20 10:11  [X]

The 3 Stages Of Happiness   by SelfSuckerrr at 17,Jan,20 08:01  [X]

Public bathhouse or shower   by Boyging at 17,Jan,20 01:13  [X]

Friday After Work Fun: A True Story   by randy_candy at 17,Jan,20 00:24  [X]

Not sure   by Pussyfucker82 at 16,Jan,20 21:08  [X]

Gangbang me   by Mature45 at 16,Jan,20 16:20  [X]

Tribute me please   by Mature45 at 16,Jan,20 16:06  [X]

smell after pissing   by davidcock at 16,Jan,20 13:17  [X]

Size Queen?   by Jakestheman at 16,Jan,20 09:46  [X]

My first cum shot made by someone others hand   by uncut46 at 16,Jan,20 08:26  [X]

Play partners wanted   by MrWiggly at 16,Jan,20 04:23  [X]

http://showyourdick.org/polls/1966.htlm   by Freddy at 15,Jan,20 14:50  [X]

What age am I ?   by honey1 at 15,Jan,20 14:21  [X]

I can't be the only one!   by ps29211 at 15,Jan,20 09:21  [X]

My first time   by Lovescock at 15,Jan,20 09:02  [X]

Giant Arrows   by Leilani at 15,Jan,20 06:01  [X]

Pee-Boarding (Another True Story)   by Colette_TV101 at 15,Jan,20 03:02  [X]

VERY OLD MEN'S COCKS (70+)   by Harrycarrot at 14,Jan,20 13:14  [X]

Rat of the Month- contest update   by Freddy at 14,Jan,20 13:02  [X]

In the Men Locker Room   by Freddy at 13,Jan,20 14:44  [X]

First Blog   by mrsubmissive at 13,Jan,20 13:22  [X]

Full length sex videos   by Sexpanther94 at 13,Jan,20 12:27  [X]

Really Who the ... Is Razzle???   by LittleSissyClittie at 13,Jan,20 03:24  [X]

**Queen Of The Night   by Enigma94 at 12,Jan,20 23:34  [X]

Proud to have my Nude Image on the Internet   by me4u2c at 12,Jan,20 23:01  [X]

Update on the Rat of the Month January Contest   by Freddy at 12,Jan,20 18:47  [X]

Home Depot   by wycowboy at 12,Jan,20 17:47  [X]

Who the fuck is Razzle?   by Sicilian1 at 12,Jan,20 10:12  [X]

Can gays/bis be friends with straights?   by Enigma94 at 12,Jan,20 07:10  [X]

Do you like to vote?   by *Boylovingblack at 12,Jan,20 06:28  [X]

My thoughts   by Youngnhungfullacum at 11,Jan,20 20:26  [X]

Sauna,11.01.20   by Julian at 11,Jan,20 12:50  [X]

"the adventure's of Dink the dick"   by DinkyDick at 11,Jan,20 03:22  [X]

Flesh for razzle   by Tarar35 at 10,Jan,20 19:15  [X]

Great song you should listen to!   by SirBassington at 10,Jan,20 18:32  [X]

David and his big brown dick 😝   by Samman at 10,Jan,20 12:44  [X]

January Rat of the Month Update   by Freddy at 09,Jan,20 17:31  [X]

Hotel 2   by ajan71 at 09,Jan,20 08:07  [X]

custom videos/pictures   by poppy at 08,Jan,20 15:04  [X]

Can you take this?   by Bigsurprise0152 at 08,Jan,20 01:11  [X]

big 2 rats of January 7, 2020   by Freddy at 07,Jan,20 20:13  [X]

Looking for bi fun   by Kinkykwcouple at 07,Jan,20 19:21  [X]

New upload   by Clouds87 at 07,Jan,20 18:00  [X]

Sitting on his cock   by tinypeepee at 07,Jan,20 12:42  [X]

Best Member Candidates of January   by Freddy at 07,Jan,20 10:05  [X]

About My Wife   by hornycock5383 at 07,Jan,20 09:36  [X]

Hotel 1   by ajan71 at 07,Jan,20 03:56  [X]

January Rat Candidates   by Freddy at 06,Jan,20 19:39  [X]

Honesty test   by Chris1982 at 06,Jan,20 17:53  [X]

HAPPY NEW YEAR   by Wayne74 at 06,Jan,20 12:56  [X]

Wanking with a Used Condom   by Gifted at 06,Jan,20 10:34  [X]

Steve Long is a Masturbator   by shaven_dude at 05,Jan,20 22:31  [X]

These 2 rats; Kage and hornyd3mon   by Freddy at 05,Jan,20 18:31  [X]

Online meeting led to Fun!   by bustyman44dd at 05,Jan,20 14:59  [X]

Miss Patricia (A True Story) - My First BDSM Experience   by Colette_TV101 at 05,Jan,20 14:54  [X]

Fimosi... frenulo corto?   by Fimosi at 05,Jan,20 11:41  [X]

More videos here   by Uncutdickguy43 at 04,Jan,20 19:43  [X]

YOU GUYS!!!!💚❤️   by Samman at 04,Jan,20 18:02  [X]

My high school friends Dad who I always had a crush on   by Samman at 04,Jan,20 17:54  [X]

I finally got my boyfriend David to put on my panties!!!   by Samman at 04,Jan,20 17:45  [X]

Best Cities to get laid in Florida   by Freddy at 04,Jan,20 12:30  [X]

Peeping buds   by bud_de2001 at 04,Jan,20 10:18  [X]

Jamie Lee is coming home!!   by Jakestheman at 04,Jan,20 08:42  [X]

Horny   by Peterllyo at 03,Jan,20 23:40  [X]

Slingshot   by bigboypel at 03,Jan,20 22:03  [X]

The Rats Exposition   by Freddy at 03,Jan,20 14:37  [X]

Are women more horny during daylight hours?   by kcud at 03,Jan,20 12:02  [X]

Photo Contest   by **LHB** at 03,Jan,20 10:49  [X]

POTM   by CountryCouple54 at 03,Jan,20 10:04  [X]

Going commando   by wycowboy at 03,Jan,20 09:28  [X]

The Horny 2020 :-)   by Robben at 03,Jan,20 06:11  [X]

Razzle’s dicker   by LittleSissyClittie at 03,Jan,20 01:02  [X]

being blacklisted   by cockforcock at 02,Jan,20 23:02  [X]

Aso fucking horny today!!!   by knewbi at 02,Jan,20 18:23  [X]

The Rats will be Exposed   by Freddy at 02,Jan,20 14:54  [X]

Back on the horse   by hardatlunch1981 at 02,Jan,20 14:50  [X]

New Years resolutions!   by Lonestar at 02,Jan,20 14:45  [X]

My new roommate and his girlfriend   by Samman at 02,Jan,20 14:43  [X]

Some day maybe   by Chief at 02,Jan,20 09:56  [X]

My first mutual Blow job   by Cumforme at 02,Jan,20 09:24  [X]

Co-worker fuck   by Jakestheman at 02,Jan,20 07:29  [X]

Fuck me till I cum   by Jt_green at 02,Jan,20 06:51  [X]

Size   by thesevenpointfive at 02,Jan,20 05:05  [X]

Favorite is sucking and being sucked   by GoDownOnU at 02,Jan,20 02:27  [X]

Coming home from vacation   by wycowboy at 01,Jan,20 20:11  [X]

My first time circle jerk   by bud_de2001 at 01,Jan,20 18:26  [X]

New year still a cock slut   by Cockslut66 at 01,Jan,20 16:55  [X]

Tale of JeffKS & JimKS- Part 11 After the Holidays at the Farmhouse   by Freddy at 01,Jan,20 16:16  [X]

Central KY versatile bottom looking for top(s)   by Jt_green at 01,Jan,20 14:12  [X]

Wanking again   by Dave63 at 01,Jan,20 11:47  [X]

Dec ‘19 ~ POTM.. Basically a Tie.   by footluvrsgirl at 01,Jan,20 09:29  [X]

Getting into jacking off   by Cumforme at 01,Jan,20 08:01  [X]

Happy New Year!   by LittleSissyClittie at 01,Jan,20 06:36  [X]

Early Days   by Dave63 at 01,Jan,20 05:05  [X]

Snapchat   by Novemberboy at 01,Jan,20 02:20  [X]

No girl in the world wants a tiny penis.. period!   by ToyPenis at 31,Dec,19 23:26  [X]

I knew she could see my cock...   by BobChronic42 at 31,Dec,19 22:59  [X]

Tampax   by Cotxinaka at 31,Dec,19 21:59  [X]

HAPPY NEW YEAR   by Anderson at 31,Dec,19 21:38  [X]

Captains Log 12-31-2019   by SexuallyFrustrated at 31,Dec,19 15:06  [X]

HO HO HO   by whatsupcocks at 31,Dec,19 11:02  [X]

Crossdressing , a happy new year   by MiiKii at 31,Dec,19 10:44  [X]

Selfish pleasure   by GapSlap at 31,Dec,19 08:43  [X]

Buddy jers   by Scottypeters at 31,Dec,19 05:23  [X]

Finally got my first cum just before I turned 15   by Cumforme at 31,Dec,19 04:04  [X]

Happy New Year to All!   by Olivia at 31,Dec,19 00:41  [X]

THE ONE IN THE CAR   by deiafn at 30,Dec,19 17:31  [X]

Are you watching?   by Italian8 at 30,Dec,19 11:30  [X]

First time I got Fucked by a complete stranger at 14 part 2   by Cumforme at 30,Dec,19 10:59  [X]

Xmas   by Poolz at 30,Dec,19 08:29  [X]

Razzles Wanker   by NudeLuke at 30,Dec,19 07:59  [X]

First time I got fucked a 14 by a complete stranger   by Cumforme at 30,Dec,19 03:49  [X]

My first introduction to cock   by Cumforme at 29,Dec,19 20:59  [X]

Handy Man   by bud_de2001 at 29,Dec,19 18:16  [X]

My sexual decade   by Freddy at 29,Dec,19 17:20  [X]

My Shaved cock and balls   by BEAR420 at 29,Dec,19 16:18  [X]

Mr. Little Jeans goes to Washington   by LexLuthor2020 at 29,Dec,19 14:18  [X]

Razzle owns my dick   by LittleSissyClittie at 29,Dec,19 01:19  [X]

Evenings   by Jakobian at 28,Dec,19 22:19  [X]

e-book   by Jakobian at 28,Dec,19 20:00  [X]

Skype add   by Marcus283 at 28,Dec,19 19:50  [X]

Fun with my cock   by Jakobian at 28,Dec,19 19:42  [X]

Driving myself crazy   by NCHairy at 28,Dec,19 16:56  [X]

I couldn’t be more restrained by a metal cage   by LittleSissyClittie at 28,Dec,19 16:37  [X]

Showing my cock and panties   by Jakobian at 28,Dec,19 15:34  [X]

Play time   by Jakobian at 28,Dec,19 15:32  [X]

Rat of the Month Candidates- January   by Freddy at 27,Dec,19 14:15  [X]

Shopping   by Jakobian at 27,Dec,19 12:33  [X]

Creampie   by XsacoupleX at 27,Dec,19 09:35  [X]

Cum, cum and yep, MORE cum....   by Jakestheman at 27,Dec,19 07:34  [X]

Surprise Tonight   by Poolz at 27,Dec,19 04:57  [X]

ladies like tiny cocks   by intenda at 27,Dec,19 02:19  [X]

ELECTRICSEX!   by AussieMan187 at 26,Dec,19 20:21  [X]

Ugh some people   by Enigma94 at 26,Dec,19 20:14  [X]

Business trip to National Harbor DC   by NCHairy at 26,Dec,19 17:55  [X]

New Meds   by thebeewolf at 26,Dec,19 16:54  [X]

Candidates Best Member January 2020   by Freddy at 26,Dec,19 16:48  [X]

Will you be my regular cocksucker?   by thebeewolf at 26,Dec,19 16:14  [X]

Merry Christmas   by LittleSissyClittie at 26,Dec,19 04:14  [X]

I saw a urologist yesterday   by LittleSissyClittie at 25,Dec,19 20:55  [X]

Hi I'm horny anyone wants to play let me know   by Jeffishorny88 at 25,Dec,19 07:21  [X]

New group   by Sicilian1 at 25,Dec,19 05:30  [X]

What are you some of the weirdest things you have tried ?   by xSunny at 25,Dec,19 04:03  [X]

90 minute wank   by duncanidaho at 24,Dec,19 07:50  [X]

Happy Chritsmas   by pussylover78 at 24,Dec,19 06:40  [X]

Merry Christmas all   by tigger121 at 24,Dec,19 05:40  [X]

Selfconsious of cock, others opinions and comments ??   by Biggtomm411978 at 23,Dec,19 23:41  [X]

Merry Christmas!   by Olivia at 23,Dec,19 23:31  [X]

My high school classmates dad   by Samman at 23,Dec,19 22:32  [X]

VOTE FOR MY "PAWG" SIDECHICKS!   by 8InchMulattoCock at 23,Dec,19 21:55  [X]

Rat Convention of December 23rd   by Freddy at 23,Dec,19 20:30  [X]

pics   by juicylover at 23,Dec,19 16:40  [X]

Tale of JeffKS & JimKS -Part 10 Christmas At the Farm and New Guest   by Freddy at 23,Dec,19 12:27  [X]

To All the Rats in HERE   by Freddy at 22,Dec,19 22:29  [X]

Dream cock   by Marie at 22,Dec,19 18:31  [X]

Crross dressing, bra & panties   by MiiKii at 22,Dec,19 09:19  [X]

Nude hangout   by Boyging at 22,Dec,19 00:11  [X]

Blacklist   by Mj_820 at 21,Dec,19 22:50  [X]

Private videos/pictures and twitter   by poppy at 21,Dec,19 16:28  [X]

Some of the Rats for January 2020   by Freddy at 21,Dec,19 13:47  [X]

Best Blog of Year 2019-WINNER   by Freddy at 21,Dec,19 09:58  [X]

Experiences ball busting for the first time   by xSunny at 21,Dec,19 04:14  [X]

panties and my cock   by The_Cosmos at 20,Dec,19 23:54  [X]

Nude in men's sauna   by Chrishd at 20,Dec,19 22:53  [X]

happy birthday   by whatsupcocks at 20,Dec,19 20:31  [X]

Happy Holidays to ALL!   by Jakestheman at 20,Dec,19 16:08  [X]

Best Blog of Year 2019-Contest Update   by Freddy at 20,Dec,19 14:23  [X]

What's your favorite shemale porn vid?   by Clouds87 at 20,Dec,19 13:00  [X]

wanting To find a hook up close to me . Nevada   by Mycock69 at 20,Dec,19 02:17  [X]

My stupid little dick...   by ToyPenis at 20,Dec,19 01:12  [X]

Christmas cards for here....   by Olivia at 19,Dec,19 14:37  [X]

Men’s restroom   by Cutcocklover at 19,Dec,19 13:56  [X]

http://showitoff.org/2fdax603pci8pic.html   by kenaropel at 19,Dec,19 08:45  [X]

Night/Evening Rat...rrich   by Freddy at 18,Dec,19 23:10  [X]

Rate my penis large average or small.   by Wobber999 at 18,Dec,19 14:07  [X]

Sauna 3   by ajan71 at 18,Dec,19 05:25  [X]

Tale of JeffKS & JimKS Part 9 The farmhouse guest   by Freddy at 17,Dec,19 23:19  [X]

Night/Evening Rat...bjuk   by Freddy at 17,Dec,19 21:00  [X]

BLIND BARBARA AND HER GIRLFRIEND BETSY   by Warmandsticky at 17,Dec,19 16:17  [X]

LuvsNudity@gmail.com   by LuvsNudity at 17,Dec,19 16:07  [X]

Skype anyone?   by Sexidoe66 at 16,Dec,19 22:33  [X]

fisting   by gaypig67 at 16,Dec,19 19:38  [X]

NoBalls   by LittleSissyClittie at 16,Dec,19 02:12  [X]

piss friends   by Jakobian at 15,Dec,19 18:21  [X]

My first experience   by Dave4422 at 15,Dec,19 13:40  [X]

SYD best member of the year 2020 Contest -NEW RULES   by Freddy at 15,Dec,19 13:16  [X]

The things we do.....   by Jakestheman at 15,Dec,19 07:09  [X]

Looking for sex   by MrWiggly at 15,Dec,19 05:20  [X]

Big mushroom head   by heels62003 at 15,Dec,19 04:27  [X]

Tale of JeffKS & JimKS Part 8 Outdoor Christmas decorations   by Freddy at 14,Dec,19 20:38  [X]

what do you think of my cock?   by davidcock at 14,Dec,19 19:04  [X]

The Rat of the Year 2020 Contest- New Rules   by Freddy at 14,Dec,19 12:14  [X]

Straight Man   by Tricky at 14,Dec,19 05:03  [X]

How long does it take you to cum   by dalsto675 at 13,Dec,19 13:20  [X]

Rat of the week   by Freddy at 13,Dec,19 12:17  [X]

THE RAT OF YEAR 2019 IS.........   by Freddy at 13,Dec,19 09:40  [X]

What pisses me off as a bottom   by Bigb00tykitten at 12,Dec,19 17:05  [X]

First time video   by Mindykostin at 12,Dec,19 14:07  [X]

Razzle’s wanker   by LittleSissyClittie at 12,Dec,19 13:38  [X]

Sauna 2   by ajan71 at 12,Dec,19 12:33  [X]

Playing with the Neighbor Man.   by dicklick4u at 12,Dec,19 01:39  [X]

24 answers to common questions   by allin4oral at 11,Dec,19 17:25  [X]

Rat of the Year 2019... contest update   by Freddy at 11,Dec,19 14:27  [X]

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