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First diary post   by emo_si at 03,Apr,20 13:42  [X]

Need a good facefucking   by worshipper002 at 03,Apr,20 12:50  [X]

For Eostre   by BiLlAbOnG at 03,Apr,20 08:47  [X]

DUMB FUCKS   by BEAR420 at 03,Apr,20 07:45  [X]

Sibling Rivalry?   by bustyman44dd at 03,Apr,20 04:22  [X]

Fatso's and republican's   by Gntlmn at 03,Apr,20 02:12  [X]

happy Easter   by whatsupcocks at 02,Apr,20 21:18  [X]

Vote for this!!   by thickswingercock at 02,Apr,20 20:25  [X]

Wanna talk to women   by PussyLuv at 02,Apr,20 12:37  [X]

The Bad Hombres   by Freddy at 02,Apr,20 12:37  [X]

Amazing Erection...   by Anon3456 at 02,Apr,20 10:22  [X]

THis Razzle Dude   by BEAR420 at 02,Apr,20 06:28  [X]

New to this   by Revain202069 at 02,Apr,20 05:38  [X]

An artist's model, Me?   by bustyman44dd at 02,Apr,20 04:47  [X]

Rubber, Rub Him!   by bustyman44dd at 02,Apr,20 04:42  [X]

POOL BOY   by bustyman44dd at 02,Apr,20 04:34  [X]

California Man 56, likes Cunts and Cocks   by Dutch56 at 01,Apr,20 16:42  [X]

Saggy Granny Under Surveillance   by Freddy at 01,Apr,20 11:56  [X]

Adventures in masturbation part 2   by Thongboy90 at 01,Apr,20 11:23  [X]

what age were you when you lost your virginity and do tell us what happened   by sweetdevil at 01,Apr,20 09:47  [X]

What should I post next?   by YoungBi at 01,Apr,20 07:37  [X]

Bjuk Under Surveillance   by Freddy at 31,Mar,20 12:34  [X]

Hot Tub Confessionals   by ps29211 at 31,Mar,20 10:59  [X]

My boyfriend and his gangster friends   by Samman at 31,Mar,20 00:13  [X]

My pic   by Crazyblond3 at 30,Mar,20 20:16  [X]

In these times...   by veryshyguy at 30,Mar,20 17:24  [X]

Moron Rat   by Freddy at 30,Mar,20 14:13  [X]

Looking .   by Ravengirl6969 at 30,Mar,20 13:30  [X]

White weakling pussy boy ?   by TinyTim at 30,Mar,20 11:23  [X]

Cuckolding   by RichmondMan4U at 30,Mar,20 08:51  [X]

Gloryholes..   by Jakestheman at 30,Mar,20 07:32  [X]

women and dicks   by houghton at 29,Mar,20 16:23  [X]

Tummy time   by Bicurious84 at 29,Mar,20 13:01  [X]

The Five(5) Points of Being a Rat   by Freddy at 29,Mar,20 12:42  [X]

Any tributes   by cuntrygirl91 at 29,Mar,20 00:51  [X]

Wank   by Mikey61 at 28,Mar,20 21:26  [X]

#StayHomeStaySave exclusive   by _DeVeX_ at 28,Mar,20 16:16  [X]

SYD best member of month March -final results   by Freddy at 28,Mar,20 10:51  [X]

Razzles wankers   by dizzycock at 28,Mar,20 09:55  [X]

Easy women, 8 1/2's and other random thoughts   by Jakestheman at 28,Mar,20 06:49  [X]

Foto shooting for a lot of men   by Tommotino at 27,Mar,20 19:15  [X]

Recruiting   by bigboypel at 27,Mar,20 17:59  [X]

My 1st and Best Bi 3Some   by kre8tor69 at 27,Mar,20 16:42  [X]

Not Voting   by Freddy at 27,Mar,20 16:24  [X]

ow how old were you and who with when you first masturbated with someone   by sweetdevil at 27,Mar,20 14:37  [X]

SYD best member of the month March is....   by Freddy at 27,Mar,20 11:03  [X]

26-3-20   by RedRoot at 26,Mar,20 23:09  [X]

This day could get interesting...III   by Rixthikdick at 26,Mar,20 19:36  [X]

Pics go boom.   by sarahandahalf at 26,Mar,20 18:48  [X]

This day could get interesting...II   by Rixthikdick at 26,Mar,20 15:36  [X]

This day could get interesting...   by Rixthikdick at 26,Mar,20 13:09  [X]

My Horny Neigbors   by Dexter at 25,Mar,20 19:59  [X]

Do not wager with a bored woman.   by Rixthikdick at 25,Mar,20 19:33  [X]

Public Service Announcement   by Rixthikdick at 25,Mar,20 19:27  [X]

Adventures in masturbation or 1   by Thongboy90 at 25,Mar,20 18:08  [X]

Eva Mandy Dazzle and Randy gang bang orgy PARTS 2 and 3   by Whoreslave69 at 25,Mar,20 14:34  [X]

Hairy v shaved   by James44 at 25,Mar,20 13:43  [X]

I'm bi   by SmallCcock at 25,Mar,20 12:27  [X]

I love wearing her.   by Rixthikdick at 25,Mar,20 12:20  [X]

Fun times!!!   by Playtime at 25,Mar,20 11:36  [X]

Just a note during this crisis   by Freddy at 25,Mar,20 10:41  [X]

Eva Mandy Dazzle and Randy gang bang orgy   by Whoreslave69 at 25,Mar,20 08:41  [X]

Peter Tech for all to see   by petertech at 25,Mar,20 04:22  [X]

barelady   by badboy666 at 25,Mar,20 02:51  [X]

My high school friends dad update   by Samman at 25,Mar,20 02:38  [X]

24.03.20 1st entry   by RedRoot at 24,Mar,20 23:10  [X]

Straight but kinky   by James44 at 24,Mar,20 12:54  [X]

Candidates for Best Member Month of April   by Freddy at 24,Mar,20 12:18  [X]

Missing Marky's beautiful night nine inch meat pole   by jizzlover61 at 24,Mar,20 03:25  [X]

Dildo video   by Curvey51 at 23,Mar,20 23:15  [X]

My small one   by James44 at 23,Mar,20 21:05  [X]

Has anyone tried   by chubbyloves at 23,Mar,20 19:17  [X]

Bi guy   by grandpa at 23,Mar,20 17:43  [X]

Last day before lockdown   by Freddy at 23,Mar,20 17:42  [X]

Girlfriend wants a 3way   by Thongboy90 at 23,Mar,20 16:07  [X]

Need Skype   by T3030 at 23,Mar,20 15:48  [X]

Need Skype   by T3030 at 23,Mar,20 15:46  [X]

I love showing off my body even if I have a small cock who else is proud of the   by Alwaysnude at 23,Mar,20 14:56  [X]

Cum vote and get a private pics!   by Cosine at 23,Mar,20 12:23  [X]

Playing with balls   by Cosine at 23,Mar,20 12:21  [X]

Replies to all my hater fans   by Freddy at 23,Mar,20 12:05  [X]

Tinder   by Tommy1701 at 23,Mar,20 11:37  [X]

Skype   by T3030 at 23,Mar,20 06:14  [X]

Skype   by T3030 at 23,Mar,20 06:10  [X]

Skype   by T3030 at 23,Mar,20 06:05  [X]

My frisky little GF and the carrot cake.   by Rixthikdick at 23,Mar,20 00:30  [X]

More of me   by ymir17 at 22,Mar,20 23:55  [X]

Crossdressing pajama   by MiiKii at 22,Mar,20 16:49  [X]

Rat of the day...gabrita1024   by Freddy at 22,Mar,20 14:19  [X]

JeffKS and his fish tank   by Freddy at 22,Mar,20 12:32  [X]

Razzle wanker   by blkmeat47 at 22,Mar,20 08:20  [X]

Quarantine   by RichmondMan4U at 22,Mar,20 07:24  [X]

Little cuties and big beautiful dicks   by Samman at 21,Mar,20 22:25  [X]

My very first double penetration 😘   by Samman at 21,Mar,20 22:22  [X]

SYD best member of the month March-update   by Freddy at 21,Mar,20 21:02  [X]

Cabin fever   by Samman at 21,Mar,20 16:18  [X]

Official Results of the Rat Month Contest   by Freddy at 21,Mar,20 13:42  [X]

Hot Husband   by J2Ybarra at 21,Mar,20 13:21  [X]

Have you been told your precum tastes sweet?   by Rixthikdick at 21,Mar,20 11:38  [X]

The GREATEST 3-way of all time....(Part I)   by Jakestheman at 21,Mar,20 06:50  [X]

razzle's wanker   by pablo16 at 21,Mar,20 01:47  [X]

Ups and Downs. Which curve feels better?   by Rixthikdick at 20,Mar,20 21:40  [X]

Rat of the Month of March winner is.....   by Freddy at 20,Mar,20 09:53  [X]

driving home in SoCal   by chubbyloves at 19,Mar,20 21:57  [X]

Quick question   by chubbyloves at 19,Mar,20 20:53  [X]

Snapchat   by Kizza237 at 19,Mar,20 07:05  [X]

Skype add   by Kizza237 at 19,Mar,20 07:05  [X]

Masturbation   by Guy at 19,Mar,20 05:05  [X]

Just uploaded a video to Pornhub on my amateur account   by Avgthickdick at 18,Mar,20 18:46  [X]

Afternoon Erections   by Freddy at 18,Mar,20 18:02  [X]

Who can beat this....   by Titsy at 18,Mar,20 17:26  [X]

Maryelle Tillie french pornstar   by Maryelle at 18,Mar,20 09:47  [X]

Lets just get naked   by iwanttotry at 18,Mar,20 08:18  [X]

Mutual jerk off sessions.   by Curious5 at 18,Mar,20 02:26  [X]

Anither 3-way   by J2Ybarra at 18,Mar,20 01:12  [X]

Fuck up website   by Freddy at 16,Mar,20 19:53  [X]

SYD best member of March-update   by Freddy at 16,Mar,20 14:20  [X]

Razzle Fucks my head   by Winkle at 16,Mar,20 11:55  [X]

Verification   by cutcock at 16,Mar,20 05:23  [X]

Awesome night!   by J2Ybarra at 16,Mar,20 02:27  [X]

Snapchat island_bud   by Kage at 15,Mar,20 13:45  [X]

Key West trip canceled   by Freddy at 15,Mar,20 12:59  [X]

Online hookups   by RichmondMan4U at 15,Mar,20 07:54  [X]

Very mature straight mail from UK   by michael69fun at 15,Mar,20 03:56  [X]

I'm only here to wank for Razzle   by Winkle at 14,Mar,20 23:03  [X]

extra horney Today   by chubbyloves at 14,Mar,20 20:45  [X]

My shaved dick   by Steven at 14,Mar,20 13:27  [X]

Candidates for Rat of the Month-April   by Freddy at 14,Mar,20 11:18  [X]

Dare me!   by JizzyJay at 13,Mar,20 19:59  [X]

Thanks for Verifying Me :-)   by soulpioneer at 13,Mar,20 18:15  [X]

first time   by Tommotino at 13,Mar,20 17:31  [X]

wanking on charlie   by zibik at 13,Mar,20 16:14  [X]

Crossdressing bed   by MiiKii at 13,Mar,20 13:38  [X]

I can't get enough COCK!   by GayHeadMaster at 13,Mar,20 12:06  [X]

The little cafe ( English Google Translation)   by Bertdam at 12,Mar,20 10:39  [X]

Het kleine cafeetje   by Bertdam at 12,Mar,20 10:25  [X]

Guys needed to eat my cunt on camera   by Titsy at 12,Mar,20 09:09  [X]

Sniffing poppers and take dick   by Bislut88 at 11,Mar,20 18:43  [X]

Sissies, submissives and other 'stuff'   by Jakestheman at 11,Mar,20 10:53  [X]

Fine Tuning the Foreskin   by CircPlay at 11,Mar,20 01:31  [X]

Crossdressing bondage (^^;   by MiiKii at 10,Mar,20 16:56  [X]

My pussy, unshaved   by redpussy at 10,Mar,20 11:07  [X]

Why this site is getting boring to me   by looking10 at 09,Mar,20 22:59  [X]

Yes I have a pornhub   by looking10 at 09,Mar,20 22:46  [X]

colour my cunt   by fatuglyslutbitch at 09,Mar,20 17:56  [X]

Message for Ken1234   by Freddy at 09,Mar,20 17:04  [X]

Want some fun   by Curious18 at 09,Mar,20 11:46  [X]

I Belong On My Knees   by SelfSuckerrr at 09,Mar,20 08:06  [X]

hi guys my fist pics   by ninaklswe at 09,Mar,20 00:50  [X]

JeffinKS at the farm without Jim   by Freddy at 08,Mar,20 23:29  [X]

Rat of the Month March/ Update   by Freddy at 08,Mar,20 14:40  [X]

The Magic Wand   by Jakestheman at 08,Mar,20 08:41  [X]

Feet   by biguyfunn at 08,Mar,20 05:34  [X]

Blaming my circumcision fetish on all the things that happened to me in my past   by CircPlay at 07,Mar,20 21:10  [X]

"Things Happen For a Reason or When Your Not Looking For it"   by CircPlay at 07,Mar,20 20:36  [X]

giggles   by whatsupcocks at 07,Mar,20 09:27  [X]

Rat of March 6, 2020   by Freddy at 07,Mar,20 08:38  [X]

Looking for discreet lovers   by Lv2swallow at 06,Mar,20 23:59  [X]

Get caught naked   by Cbnude at 06,Mar,20 18:56  [X]

Courios,   by Cbnude at 06,Mar,20 18:28  [X]

Sorry If I delete you from friends list, just making room for new guys   by soulpioneer at 06,Mar,20 17:55  [X]

Sub Pantied Sissy   by mrsubmissive at 06,Mar,20 14:05  [X]

Continue: Little embarrassment in public   by redpussy at 06,Mar,20 12:05  [X]

I suck dick   by Bislut88 at 06,Mar,20 11:31  [X]

Best fuck   by penisluvr54 at 05,Mar,20 20:34  [X]

The personality of the blacklisters   by Freddy at 05,Mar,20 20:21  [X]

Just curious if you straight guys all do this?   by Samman at 05,Mar,20 20:13  [X]

The tales of a first time - part 1 (english)   by eumesmo at 05,Mar,20 14:30  [X]

Os contos de uma primeira vez - parte 1 (portuguÍs)   by eumesmo at 05,Mar,20 14:30  [X]

Hairless   by ELden at 05,Mar,20 10:36  [X]

New boyfriend   by petango at 05,Mar,20 07:18  [X]

Two years on the site!   by Robben at 05,Mar,20 06:21  [X]

It about size   by Peke3047 at 05,Mar,20 00:15  [X]

Too many pics? :-)   by soulpioneer at 04,Mar,20 19:17  [X]

I love men's dicks more than anything in the world   by Bislut88 at 04,Mar,20 10:44  [X]

FANTASIZE WITH WIFE   by wyocock at 04,Mar,20 09:43  [X]

Not Commenting on visits   by BEAR420 at 04,Mar,20 07:32  [X]

Need people to authenticate me   by Boyging at 04,Mar,20 01:46  [X]

SIZE POSTING:)   by FunMDcouple2329 at 03,Mar,20 22:56  [X]

Opinions   by Cbnude at 03,Mar,20 16:34  [X]

Opinions   by Cbnude at 03,Mar,20 16:17  [X]

Dot wants her cunt licked on video   by bobb09 at 02,Mar,20 23:18  [X]

What attracts you to mature men?   by Rixthikdick at 02,Mar,20 22:33  [X]

That's when she threw the towel at me.   by Rixthikdick at 02,Mar,20 21:05  [X]

Dick names   by Cbnude at 02,Mar,20 18:45  [X]

Courios,   by Cbnude at 02,Mar,20 18:39  [X]

POEM for KRISTIN   by Freddy at 02,Mar,20 18:21  [X]

Kristen my darling   by Freddy at 02,Mar,20 14:26  [X]

Does your GF/wife share your dick pics with her friends?   by Rixthikdick at 02,Mar,20 12:18  [X]

my favorites   by im2horny at 02,Mar,20 08:15  [X]

Courios,   by Cbnude at 01,Mar,20 20:30  [X]

February Rat   by Freddy at 01,Mar,20 19:30  [X]

Need opinions on my COCK   by Sixinchcock69 at 01,Mar,20 17:54  [X]

Dildo Time   by ThrillingTricia at 01,Mar,20 05:15  [X]

Do you know what a dogging spot is?   by MimiX143 at 01,Mar,20 04:15  [X]

A Little Bit About Me...   by ThrillingTricia at 01,Mar,20 01:23  [X]

Crossdressing still a little cold   by MiiKii at 29,Feb,20 19:26  [X]

Little embarrassment in public   by redpussy at 29,Feb,20 15:05  [X]

COCK MEASUREMENTS   by Robben at 29,Feb,20 13:56  [X]

Dogging GangBang   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 10:46  [X]

Contestants for Rat of March   by Freddy at 29,Feb,20 09:29  [X]

Kristin the racist rat   by Freddy at 29,Feb,20 09:18  [X]

Cumshot Party   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 09:01  [X]

New Party - New Loads   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 08:59  [X]

Brutal Anal Gang-Bang   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 08:58  [X]

Another day at the Park   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 08:56  [X]

Car Park Orgy   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 08:54  [X]

Cum Slut For Everybody   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 08:07  [X]

Unusual sperm fetish?   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 07:36  [X]

Addicted To Semen   by MimiX143 at 29,Feb,20 07:33  [X]

Just a little update.   by Bottimmy at 28,Feb,20 22:06  [X]

Big Rat of February 28th 2020   by Freddy at 28,Feb,20 19:53  [X]

The Real Story about Bjuk   by Freddy at 28,Feb,20 19:38  [X]

My first time at a men nude resort   by Freddy at 28,Feb,20 16:43  [X]

Nudity growing up   by Mark45 at 28,Feb,20 11:32  [X]

New Videos   by CountryCouple54 at 28,Feb,20 07:55  [X]

Favorite things part.... well whatever... LOL   by Jakestheman at 28,Feb,20 06:05  [X]

Anyone to lick out my wife's cunt on video?   by bobb09 at 27,Feb,20 22:18  [X]

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